1. L

    FS: Wanted: HID Headlights

    Hi I'm after some L package silver back HID headlights or even some black back ones. The mounting on my right hand side headlight has snapped :mad:
  2. N

    Some mad plans from Germany ;)

    Hi there, my Name is Alex and I'm from Germany, near Stuttgart. You may know that city ;) I'm 25 and I already owned a matte black S14 kouki and lastly a Skyline R34 GTT. Sadly the Skyline burned down in a garage fire leaving nothing but the RB25, gearbox and the whole subframe which I'm gonna...
  3. C

    Need a gearbox, where to get one?

    Blown my gearbox :mad: So now Im in desperate need of a new one! where am I going to get one from? How much is it going to set me back? proper bummed out about it.
  4. Luke

    Drive it like you stole it

    Saw this video the other day and thought what a lunatic :wack: but thought id share it with you guys :D The M5 is being driven around a European country?,,,,, by a mad man
  5. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    ahh gearbox bearing

    so my gearbox bearing has been playing up for a while now a rattling sound thing when the clutch is out and it goes away when the clutch is in. I thought it was the clutch but asked the mechanic and he said its a gearbox bearing. What do i do about this he said i can use some sort of oil so it...
  6. J0R04N

    Number plate dimensions????

    After the number plate dimensions for the rear? Looking at ordering some gel plates and i havent got the car so that i can measure them :mad:
  7. M


    hello all. just got my first silvia. normaly a skyline head just fancied a change., already gone mad buying goodies :D
  8. J0R04N

    S15 Rear Brake pad change

    I changed my rear brake pads today for some ferodo pads. After i had put her all back together, i put the handbrake on and its seems to be higher than before. Surley having new pads the cable should have less movment before the brake is engaged. Do you have to adjust it when you change the pads...
  9. M

    s15 turbo elbow

    Im looking to buy a stainless turbo elbow,are there any makes to stay away from i.e fitting problems,not lining up etc..dont want to spend mad money,also are s15 ones different from 13s and 14s???
  10. W

    Ecu upgrade and best dumpvalve to run?

    hi guys im completely out of my depth here as i dont even have my car yet (f***ing japanese slow boats) but would like to know what, Ecu upgrades is the best and cost And best dump valve to run? I have been saving like mad at the mo so have the money behind me so just need some advice if...
  11. G


    Has anyone ordered anything or had problems dealing with a comany called RHDjapan? uncooperative dealings with their ordering mistakes sending incorrect parts etc :mad:
  12. R

    spoiler fitment problem

    hi all i bought a d-max style rear window spoiler fiberglass were having problems in getting it to sit good on the window,one end sits down perfect but the other is up in the air about an 1" from window.......:(:(:( has anyone bought this and had same problems or help us out what to...
  13. G

    Mad looking 15

    heres a bit of a crazy looking S15 i came across. just thought id share it with ye all!
  14. japmadlad


    ok so my clutch is starting to slip so I'll be needing a new one. wat do u guys reccommend? don't wana go mad money and wana stay with a single plate clutch. were is best to buy?
  15. LuPix_S15

    This looks familiar... Anyone recognise the white S15...?? :rotfl: That blue 200SX looks nice as well - got some kinda URAS mad kit. Three spoke wheels are always up for debate! :nod:
  16. LuPix_S15

    Can't take the pain anymore!

    Well, you guys (and gals) have done it... After a long hard think along with some revision of finances, I've decided to scrap waiting a year for the S15 and get it this summer :D :D I only discovered this forum last weekend but it's just turned my brain into thinking about the S15 all the...
  17. S

    loading avatar

    sorry guys i know this has been posted loads of time but no matter what i do i cant get that or the sig that goes acrosse the bottom..i have to have the writting not a pic can u help please!!!!coz it soo pissin me off now :mad: :rant: :mad: .. cheers lee
  18. Yakozan

    Video: How to draw a car in MS paint

    something for you Topper :) Some really mad skills this person has.
  19. K


    what on earth is going on at the moment, i am getting sick to death with people damaging my car or for silly accidents to happen, after my little accident the other week for which nissan STILL havent given me my quote yet :mad: i n ow have more damage :mad: :mad: :mad: goes to bed last...
  20. K

    urgent help needed had an accident

    ok need to know some info last night went to the local jap meet @ blue water, was going up the ramps on the multi story car park turned right into the next level as rounded the corner the car park was in darkness, but only at our end, only thing i saw was the marking on the road to turn right to...