1. gazzaspencer

    Flash code 28 engine light maf sensor

    Had previous issue with z32 maf sensor. Engine light comes on no throttle control, cannot rev over 2000rmp (sometimes can) flash code 28 "cooling fan circuit" Old z32 maf was 2nd hand and untested so replaced with brand new genuine Hitachi from horsham developments last year which sorted the...
  2. S

    FS: Power fc with hand controller, z32 maf, innovative lm1 and lm2 for sale

    Hi as per title s15's sr20det apexi power fc for sale. Taken out from 2000 - 2007 kazama motorsports demo pink silvia s15 so it's basically tuned how do I know because it's above 1 bar but with right maf sensor and injectors. Z32 maf also comes from same car. Innovative lm1 and lm2 for sale to...
  3. S

    Z32 maf

    Hey guys, recently bought a s15 with some decent mods, but it seems like the previous owner didn't know half of whats actually on the car. I found it has full Cusco coilovers all around, tein torsion bars. The latest thing i found is that it has a z32 MAF, correct me if im wrong but the car...
  4. I

    FS: 350z MAF with Pigtail and housing

    SOLD As title a genuine and good working order Z33/R35 MAF with pigtail, housing and honeycomb air straightener. Housing bolt holes slightly opened up so bolts directly onto Apexi filter. Good for 440hp or more in a bigger housing, can be run blow through and also less effected by preturbo...
  5. FreakensNL

    FS: Cluster + Z32 MAF

    He all, Selling some parts i don't need.. S15 stock cluster with 131.720km perfect working order 100 pounds And a stock Z32 MAF with connector, ready to go in... 100 pounds (Sold)
  6. G

    WTB: WTB Z32/300ZX MAF and some other stuff!

    As above looking for a genuine Nissan Z32/300ZX MAF, preferably with plug and wiring but not essential. Also looking for oem S15 steering wheel and gear knob, good condition preferably but if price is right will take an abused one and get it refurbed as looking to keep my car looking oem as...
  7. jake

    Maf problem

    So I was driving my s15 rb25 for the the first time to day since the conversation Drove it from Portsmouth back to basingstoke then round basingstoke for a bit so about an hour and a half work of driving with no problems at all The was driving to work witch is in hook so about another 20mins...
  8. Rich

    What BHP Should I Expect?

    Hi, brief spec of the car as follows:- - Tomei manifold and elbow - FMIC - Walbro 255 - Superspark coil packs - Gizzmo boost controller running 1-1.2 BAR - Nistune mapped by Greg @ Protuner - Full 3" exhaust system with decat - Blitz induction kit Stock MAF, fuel pressure regulator and...
  9. waggoner

    S15 running super rich

    Need some help guys! Car was stalling when coming to a stop while driving. So I swapped maf with another s15 maf. Unhooked battery to reset computer. Now it's running super rich with a bad idle. Car is stock
  10. waggoner

    WTB: WTB. S15 maf need asap thanks

    Looking for working maf
  11. NICKO

    ecu pin out help

    im wiring in the power fc D jetro and the wire for the intake temp has to go to a location in the ecu plug that has no pin. my plan is to find the pin for the maf sensor, cut it and leave a length of wire on it then use that pin and solder the intake temp wire to that but here is my problem...
  12. K

    FS: Apexi FC, Blitz Boost controler, Nismo 555cc injectors, Z32 MAF

    Apexi FC, Blitz SBC Boost controler, Nismo 555cc injectors, Z32 MAF Apexi FC with controller. £500 Blitz boost controller with dual Solenoid Boos Valve. £380 Nismo 555cc Injectors. £320 Z32 MAF. £85 Or buy everything for £1100...
  13. Darren_S15

    FS: Free S15 Stuff

    I found a bag of S15 goodies in my garage when having a clear out. All free to anyone willing to collect, I will post parts if you cover the postage costs. Everything worked fine when it was removed from the car but no guarantee comes with any of these parts. Anything not claimed by the end...
  14. S

    WTB: stage 3 bits

    GT2871r 550cc+ injectors Z32 maf Power FC or Nistune board
  15. C

    Basic tuning on S15

    So I'm having a bunch of trouble with my engine, soon as I turn the boost to 0.7bar or more, the engine won't rev cleanly over 6000, splutters and has no power. Now, I've logged it on datascan and it shows the MAF flat lining at 4.71v and injector duty going to 103%. I don't get it, I have...
  16. K

    FS: Blitz dump kit, Nismo 555cc, voltex trunk lip, z32 MAF.

    I have some parts that I'm not going to use. Brand new deep metal blitz VD dump valve kit for s14/15 opened and checked never used. £250 4x Nismo 555cc injectors used one season. £440 Z32 maf used. £80 Genuine voltex trunk lip for S15 unpainted. £150 All prices are ex p&p. I can send...
  17. L

    MAF Problem - High Idle

    Hi everyone, The problem: high idle (1800-2000 RPM) Car: Silvia S15 Spec-R (Manual) Modes: Nistune ecu Type 4 Greddy bov type R (without recycling) Z32 MAF HKS Intercooler What i have checked: 1. TPS on idle 0.5v 2. MAF on idle ~1.6v (increases when i put on pedal) 3. MAF (engine off) -...
  18. C

    WTB: Wtd SpecR ABS ECU

    Well I just put the SpecR engine loom and ECU in my SpecS and found the ABS plugs don't fit the SpecS ABS unit. Anyone have a SpecR one that would be handy, I hope it will work with the rest of the cars wiring, bit of a set back I hoped it would plug in. Also, The MAF plug was cut off the...
  19. J

    WTB: Wanted: ECU Spec R manual 6 speed and MAF sensor

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for an ECU for my S15. I want to get rid of my Reytec ECU and come back to original set up with MAF and stock ECU, maybe with a nistune chip later :p So for the record, my car is an S15 Spec-R Aero from 2001 with a 6 speed manual gearbox. My car does not have the NATS...
  20. rudd-o

    FS: 300ZX MAF *NEW*, S15 OEM Fuel Pump *Used* , Celica ST185 HV Fuel Pump *NEW*

    Oil Pump TOYOTA CELICA 3SGTE ST185 HIGH VOLUME TOGA OPTO25C-HV Nre Unused 80 EUR + Shipping Nissan MAF 300ZX 80mm 22680-30P00 unisia jecs japan New Unused 250 EUR + Shipping OEM FUEL PUMP NISSAN SILVIA S15 SR20DET 17042-AA560 used around 45000km 03/2000 195 lt/h 100 EUR + Shipping