1. pegliobaglio

    FS: Z32 maf and tomei pig tail

    I have for sale a z32 maf with a brand new tomei pig tail. Bought this of james15 for mine but am going map sensor now. He bought this new from garage d and only used it for 3 months before changing his set up so is in very good condition Looking to get back what I paid for it £120 delivered in uk
  2. S

    WTB: 4" induction/intake pipe, 4" blue couplers, 4" filter adapter

    As the title states, I'm after these parts for my new turbo. I've pretty much found it all on eBay, but was wondering if anyone has these, or knows someplace I can get them other than eBay. Trying to get the best price I can. As far as the free adapter, the closest I have found online was a 4"...
  3. P

    Limits of the stock MAF?

    I looked around on a few forums for this, but all of the info i found was for s13 and s14 SR's and i'm not sure if the s15 SR is different. I swapped a stock s15 SR in my s13 and I'm trying to look up how much boost I can safely run without upgrading the MAF or injectors. As I understand it, the...
  4. T

    no MAF sensor

    i bought a 2001 s15 spec r. but there is no MAF sensor? anyone knows if there are some cars without MAF sensor?
  5. S15AK

    WTB: z32 MAF

    My MAF is knackered so need another z32 MAF please, if anyone has one? Thanks
  6. G

    Spes S maf code

    I have a 22680 53J00.. This works well with NN SR20DE ecu (Spec S) ? Or what is the maf to the ecu? :rolleyes:
  7. J

    FS: Brand new aftermarket parts

    Nismo 740 cc injectors, brand new never fitted with genuine nissan o-rings £500 Brand new DC Sports front strut brace, for S15 but im sure it will fit S14/a aswell £100 Driftworks SR20 rocker arm stoppers, brand new £50 Z32 MAF sensor, 2nd hand in good condition missing one of the gauzes...
  8. K

    Full service

    Lads+Ladies! I've had my s15 spec s for three months and done 6kms, it had 99kms when i got it with no service history. What i need to know is what consitutes a full service can i change the oil in the diff or is this possible? what is the best gearbox oil? should i change the bushing with...
  9. naha_music

    Blow through MAF setup?

    Do any of you have any experience or knowledge with the 'blow through MAF' setup?
  10. K

    Air filters

    Dose anyone have any info on which air filter has any significant effect on a sr20de should i replace the panel filter with a nismo one or get an induction cone. Should i clean the MAF when putting this on. Dose anyone have dyno tset results from different filters.
  11. S

    WTB: MAF

    Anyone have a Maf for an Sr20 s15. If not a s14 will do thanx Email me
  12. P

    FS: Genuine Nissan Z32 MAF sensor

    Hi guys, One of my friends has 2 brand new original Nissan Z32 MAF sensors. He asked me to post these on the forum. Might be usefull for you guys. Price €200
  13. H

    Z32 MAF install

    I'm trying to install a Z32 MAF on my car but I'm having trouble finding a wiring pinout for the stock MAF. I have half of the equation. Z32 MAF A - not used B - Signal (white) C - Chassis ground (green) D - ECU ground (black) E - +12v (red) F - not used I need the same info for the S15...
  14. H

    New Guy from Okinawa

    Hi, I found this forum while searching google trying to figure out the wiring pinout of the S15 MAF. Anyway, thought I'd stick around. I have a 2000 S15 Silvia with a few little upgrades, after I get this Z32 MAF installed it'll be getting tuned in the next couple weeks and should be in the...
  15. T

    Question regarding maf sensor???

    I was under the impression that the maf sensor has a wire like element crossing the internal diameter. Well whilst i was doing some working on the car today (yes in the rain :() and had the airbox and maf sensor off i just happened to look through the maf sensor and was suprised not to find such...
  16. X

    FS: 90mm Q45 Throttle Body w/ TPSensor & harnesses

    Click on thumbnails: I have three to sell. All are cleaned of any oil/grease and include their TPS and harnesses. They are ready for immediate use. $85usd obo. Shipping may vary, please pm so I can determine the cost of shipment. For those who don't know much about the Q45 Throttle...
  17. X

    FS: FS: Q45 Throttle Body, N62 MAF, P61 MAF

    Please read everything before Posting or PMing a question. Thank You. - Q45 Throttle Body - SOLD. Included TPS and harness. The vehicle had 72k Miles on its Odometer. I cleaned it of all oil, and its ready for use. - P61 MAF - $70usd obo [yellow] (Came from same vehicle as above). I didn't...
  18. K

    WTB: Wtb: S15 sr20det maf

    Hi, Looking for a S14A/S15 SR20DET MAF with part#22680-69F01 Im located in Oslo,Norway.
  19. koullis

    e-manage ultimate question

    hi guys, does anybody knows if you can remove completely the maf sensor if you install the e-manage pressure sensor?
  20. slammedmind

    FS: z32 maf **SOLD**

    z32 maf with plug, second hand. Came off a 1992 300zx. I havent used it yet and need the cash for christmas. ?90 thanks Rob