1. Max Skutch

    The Evolution of Spirit (Mark calff's S15)

    I thought it was time to share this with you all. Mark was a very dear friend to us. In February 2015 sadly mark lost his battle with cancer but not before seeing the completion of his dream car "spirit". ][/URL][/IMG] He got the car home and was over the moon about it! However very quickly the...
  2. C

    FS: Volk GTC Face 2 18x10 ET -2 and 18x9 ET0 - Amazing wheels

    Here for sale (and finally with pictures) are my Volk GTC Face 2 18x10 ET -2 and 18x9 ET0. Front tyres are almost new, with light camber wear and rear tyres are done. These came from the SATS Supra a few years ago when Chris & Mark changed the wheels, they are very rare and fantastic sizes...
  3. J

    New S15 owner from the Midlands!

    Hi everyone :wave: I have just recently purchased myself a lovely S15 Spec R. From what I have been told, this car had been on the forums before. But here she is in all her glory :D. (Please excuse my phone's camera, there is a lot of dust stuck behind the lens leaving a dodgy purple mark on...
  4. Parky

    Very noddy oil level question

    Question is; oil level is just on the L on the dipstick. How much oil do I need to put in to fill it up to the H mark? Don't want to overfill it is all!
  5. billy_t15

    new clutch

    Hi after a bit of advice, going for a new clutch as mine is slipping even on low boost I want something fairly user friendly as ill be using the car daily in traffic etc currently around stage 3a will be looking to go towards the 400bhp mark and I know its always good to over spec what do you...
  6. M

    WTB: Bucket seats

    An old bucket seats that could be let go cheap, would be nice Cheers, mark
  7. Sims77

    My S15

    Finally got her so I can do my own thread. Picked her up with 37000 miles on the clock and not a mark on her. Really happy.
  8. Sparky

    Open Event: Totally transport- Blackpool 23rd June

    Anyone in the North West of the UK . I shall be at this show in Blackpool this Sunday with my Black Spec R. Be nice to meet with anyone that can come along ! Mark.
  9. Sparky

    Spec R wheel bearings

    Hi, Does anyone know if S15 Spec R wheel bearings are the same as those on an S14, also best place to get them from ? Thanks, Mark.
  10. M

    WTB: S15 6 speed gearbox

    :( unfortunately looks like I'll be needing one of these, let me know what you've got :) Many thanks Mark
  11. M

    Hello :)

    Hi, Have just purchased a S15, and the forums logo was on the back of it :) I've owed a fair few stupidly modifed Jap cars in my past, one that you may know is: Was in banzai this year, have had a couple of cars but hopeing the s15 will be a keeper :) Looks forward to nosing around...
  12. Mark_D

    S15 wiring diagram

    Hi people, Just wondered whether anyone would be able to lead me in the right direction to where I might find a wiring diagram for the S15. Cheers! Mark :thumbs:
  13. vinnie

    Club JDM Summer Meet @ The Crooked Chimney

    Hey I took some pics of the event, the rain didn't really help. I did take some more but i can't upload them. Crap iPhone heh. Thanks again to Mark and Lu for organizing the event.
  14. Marcus

    Front brake discs... I need answer

    I cleaned and painted my front brakes and I'm now putting those together again. Well I didn't mark which one of my discs are left and right.. So does it matter after all? They are both in good condition. Other one got mark "K1" and other one "K3" on them inner side... Can this help? Thanks!!
  15. M


    Hi Im Mark from Loughborough Currently drive an S14a but looking to buy an S15 so having a mooch around :) selling on PH
  16. M

    Newbie from Ireland

    Hi all,was looking for info on the s15 and came across the site. Hopefully going to buy an s15 na in the next few weeks so obviously need to get some backround on the car itself. Look forward to posting on the site Mark :D
  17. V

    FS: s15 ep racing carbon stereo surround

    i have my one for sale, its in mint condition not as much as a mark or any fading or anything, iim looking 200 euro thanks
  18. JaseYpk

    Burnt Spark Plugs! Why?

    Ok I pulled my spark plugs out the other day to find that they were disgusting, and one was beyond working order.. so they've now been replaced by "NGK Platinum Spark Plugs" (anybody got an opinion on these? they were the only ones i could find at the time that would fit). Anyways, heres what...
  19. T

    Thinking of buying a rb s15.

    Hi silvia community. So' as title states I am considering buying a rb26 silvia, I've never owned a rb or a skyline before, and this is pretty pricey. I dont really know if it is worth going ahead with it, so I was wondering if you can help me decide, i've already talked with Dean, He was very...
  20. G


    hello thinking of importing a 1999 s15 non turbo in to malta but i need to know the standard co2 emmissions hope someone can help as i want the car soon thanks mark