1. L

    WTB: After market front bumper

    I am looking for an after market front bumper preferably vertex style and black but will consider others if I see a pic and like it. Anyone got anything up for sale?
  2. C

    Adjustable arms

    What are the best adjustable arms available on the market? Thanks
  3. NICKO

    FS: Phormula KS-3 Knock Detector Brand New

    Selling my phormula KS-3 Knock detector come in box as new with everything included from what ive heard they are the best knock detectors on the market today £240 delivered
  4. M

    1997 Nissan Pickup S15 SR20DET

    Hey guys, my name is Matt. I'm a technician for an Acura dealership in New York. I have a 1997 Nissan Pickup with an S15 SR20 :cool: in it. 5 spd, awd, posi-rear, stage 3 clutch, apexi tuner, deleted sways for climbing, small lift. It's a pretty awesome truck, however i'm in the market for a...
  5. T

    Newbie from Ireland

    Not a silvia owner as of yet but currently in the market for one...been checking various sites etc not sure weather to import fresh or buy an irish market car but the future will tell.... Currently driving an ae111 so looking forward to the change in drive and power..Will use this site for...
  6. adzsy

    FS: After market rear lights

    Not sure of type or make but they look quite good with the black backing. £50
  7. S

    WTB: Wanted/Trade For: 3" decat

    I'm looking for a 3" decat. I currently have my 2 1/2" installed right now. I'm hoping to catch someone in the market for a 2 1/2" decat that would like to do an even trade.
  8. Miss S15

    WTB: Wanted: Whole front of car.

    Hi All, Been awhile since I was on,Looking for some parts if anyone is breaking an s15 or has some of these bits lying around. Friend had a bit of a crash too much boost and well meet the back of another car! 1.Crash bar...chasis isnt bent 2.Radiator and everything that goes with that,bolts...
  9. specr

    best wheels for a 15

    Just wanted to no what you think is the best looking wheel for an s15 as i might be in the market
  10. - 0h -

    Clutch is making noise

    every time when I press the clutch when my car is still cold, it's making some kind of squeezing noise... but when the car's warming up for a while, the noise will not show when the clutch is pressed. is this a major problem? my car is running 6 spd box, with after market flywheel, standard...
  11. DOM

    WTB: after market gearbox

    looking to upgrade to an after market gearbox. so drop me a message if you have one available.
  12. T

    Which 2-way diff?

    Am interested in swapping out the standard lsd for a 2-way but with so many different brands on the market which one is worth buying? Kaaz are cheapest but are they inferior to cusco, Nismo?
  13. K

    Do you interest in the car of Japanese Domestic Market (JDM)?

    Do you interest in the car of Japanese Domestic Market (JDM)? This website is recommendation, check it out! http://*** Of course, the *** are there, too. Hehe :-) ===================================== Managing Director Mr.Tetsuya Kishida KAMIKAZE DRIVE JAPAN...
  14. jjsk

    standard to after market steering wheel

    how do i keep the horn working after i changed steering wheel from standard to after market on s15. other than installing a push button? por favor,, any ideas?
  15. naha_music

    Newbie in Japan

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. My name is Thomas and just recently returned back to Kanagawa, Japan, for the 3rd time. I've never owned an S15, but hopefully that will change in the near future. I've always been a Silvia enthusiast, as I've owned an S12, S13...
  16. A

    Hi Partypeople

    :wave: Hi, I´m a guy from sweden and i´ve just get a s15 spec-r. Here´s some pic and spec. Aftermarket parts: Turbo timer (APEXI) Boost meter (BLITZ) Water temp meter (GReddy) After market exhaust (BLITZ) Air cleaner (BLITZ) Coil over (?) RECARO seat After market clutch...
  17. P


    hey has any one ever driven a car with heads up display? are they any good and where can you get a after market one? this is what you get in a corvette