1. A

    Newbie from Melbourne

    Hello all. I thought its time for an intro. My names Abhishek. ive recently purchased an S15 and learning heaps about them and the SRinside! I tend to do alot of mechanical stuff on my own so if I find something out ill post it on the forums. cheers Abhishek
  2. J0R04N

    Strange rattling sound when first pulling away?

    Only get this noise when I first go to pull away. Sounds like a loud vvt rattle but only lasts a second or two. The noise only comes when I put the car in gear and when it is first started???? Car has made this noise since I have had it, never had any mechanical faults so far ( touch wood ) and...
  3. xlr8


    Can some one tell me what this device is? Sits behind the air intake
  4. Darren_S15

    Mechanical or Electric Boost Gauge

    Just wondered if people have mechanical or electric after market boost gauges on their cars? The one I'm looking at comes in both and I don't know which one to get.. Is one better than the other etc...? Any info would be great.
  5. B

    picture of S15 gearbox output shaft and housing

    Could someone please help by providing a photos of the output shaft on S15 gearbox? :) I am deciding on if it is feasible to modify the S15 gearbox to run a mechanical speedo drive. From the service manual, the output shaft looks like it has grooves to hold a worm drive with circular/pin clips...
  6. J

    Removing engine cover

    Can someone tell me how easy is it to remove the rocker cover and putting it back?? BTW, I am not very good with any mechanical works. Do I need to replace any gaskets if I do?
  7. D

    niggles to solve after FMIC install

    well, i got my FMIC bolted on today.... and.... i've got one mechanical problem and two cosmetic. basically, the "instructions".... (workin' from shite pictures as i can't read japanese!) told me to to plumb a pipe in.... this pipe here it said to "T" into where the blue arrow is, but i'm...