1. S

    Meet: West Midlands meets

    Hi all, New to the Jdm world and yet to acquire an S15 sadly. I was wondering though if there are any meets in the West Midlands? I'd love to come check out some S15s at some point. Help fuel my desire to get one :)
  2. Keifer1903

    Newbie from Scotland

    Thought I would introduce myself onto the forum, From Scottish borders but based in Ripon north Yorkshire with my job. Currently waiting import of my spec R aero s15 so registered to get involved with meets and try hunt out some mods. Already bought a aero spoiler for it. Wanting to change the...
  3. Lil SpecR

    Hello! UK based and seeking to import an S15!

    Hi all! Just popping over here to say hello. Not got an S15 yet, currently looking for my perfect model :nod: but once I have her I will no doubt bore you all silly about her and show off photos etc :thumbs: Just a couple of questions really... 1 - what are meets like? I know its a rare car...
  4. Havoc

    WTB: S15 Roll Cage.

    As titled! I need a full roll cage through dash that meets all FIA, BDC and track safety standards.
  5. I

    Meet: Many Kent meets?

    Looking at getting an S15, but at the same time, would really need to see how much I have to play with as the only thing stopping me buy one is not being able to fit my bass drum in from my drum kit. Are there many local meets that go on in Kent? Would like to take a look at some of local...
  6. J

    jizzles here!

    hi, yes newbie here in s15OC, everyones been through. i am link to other forums like most of you guys. I'm the type who like to organise cruise meets and hopefully to gain your support. thank you. Hope to meet most of you soon.. cheers.
  7. tooley

    newbie here

    Hey guys, just bought an s15 im very happy with it. It was what i expected. Ive had a 14 14a and a rx7 fd3s (which i still have). Nice forum you guys have here looking forward to meeting you lot and some of the meets and shows :D I will post some pics up when i take some decent ones, buts...
  8. meddler

    Meet: Team S15 - Sydney

    Welcome to the team S15 meets thread.
  9. Nicely

    ** Sydney and Brisbane folk! **

    I'm over for Christmas with my folks in Brissy and New Year with friends in Sydney Any meets going on? :)
  10. S

    Hi All!

    Hi all, nice to find a forum dedicated solely to the S15! I've recently bought a Spec R (see avitar) and am chomping at the bit waiting for it to arrive-be sva'd-re built and modified! Still they do say good things come to those who wait! Do you guys hold any meets in the uk ever? If so...