1. 1

    Defi BF bosst meter problem!!!!!!

    Since the oem boost meter is down, i took the opportunity to install a Defi BF boost meter. I follow the instruction, installed within 2 hours. Unfortuntely after the opengine sequence, the light goes off but the boost is still functioning. It only illuminate when the light is turn on. Unplug...
  2. Nicely

    Useful Defi cabling...

    Just got my second Defi BF through and took a look at how to cable them with the Control Unit. Discovered that only the Control Unit has a Meter Cable of a length anywhere near being useful :rant: Both the meters have a Meter Cable 25cm, which is only of any use if they were all mounted right...
  3. D

    Z32 afm

    Just want to know a little bout them. I presume its an uprated Air flow meter? Does it just allow more Air into engine?
  4. A

    What about Nismo meter 280km\h ??

    I think to buy this item: How do u like it?
  5. Yakozan

    connecting gauges in airvent. where to run cable?

    Hello. I've gotten past the hard part of removing the air vents. The gauges are mounted inside the outer airvent housing. But how on earth do I get it connected? Where do a run the electronics from the gauge to the controll box? I have Greddy warning meter gauges if that matters. Do I have...
  6. C

    Nismo meter

    I'm changing my transmission right now and want to change the meter too...coz the AT one got those letters (P, R, N, D, 2, L) so can i just put this nismo meter in (coz it said MT only)...
  7. Yakozan

    installing a Greddy warning meter

    Hello. Have anyone installed a warning meter? The instructions are in Japanese and all I can get from the greddy homepage is this pdf. I have a pretty good idea where to connect all the wires except the yellow one which says "(opt.) Negative warning...