1. K

    Apexi MAP Sensor Error and Speedo Calibration

    Hi guys, can someone help me with 2 questions. 1. I installed some electronic Apexi gauges and the boost gauge snaps between values under -0.2 bar. Above -0.2 bar the needle is very smooth. Why? 2. If I get larger tyres how do I (or a tuner) calibrate the speedo? Thanks
  2. R

    Boost Needle Jump

    Hey guys, my S15 boosts around 0.7 than under high revs and high boost the needle starts flickering wildly. what could be wrong?
  3. JaseYpk

    Boost Gauge Self Test? Or is it Kaputt?

    When i'm driving its just started going crazy! The needle will be sat wherever it is normally, then drop straight to -7, then wind itself up at a constant rate right up to +1, then back to -7, where it will stay until i turn the engine off and back on! Is this some random self test or is there...
  4. B

    Autometer boost gauge possibly faulty

    hey guys/girls, i recently installed an autometre mechanical boost gauge to my s15, and noticed when i give it a fair bit of throttle and build up a boost over 5 psi the needle isnt steady it oscilates too much, the needle actions not smooth and inst steady at all.On idle from cold start, until...
  5. D

    turbo timer speedo fault

    I have recently installed an HKS type 1 (2008) turbo timer on a '99 JDM S15. It has been connected directly to the speedo signal and functions correctly - HOWEVER the needle on my speedometer no longer functions! I am at a loss, as even the odometer still works. Has anyone had a similar...
  6. LuPix_S15

    Stock Boost Gauge Problem

    Hi folks :wave: My stock boost gauge (on the A-pillar) has been working a treat until recently :( There's still power to the gauge cos the amber light always comes on ok at night etc. However, I've noticed that the needle will sometimes drop to -7 on the gauge and no amount of revving or...
  7. D

    Standard Boost Gauge Issue

    I got my car a few days ago and generally everything seems fine except a few small issues, the main one at the moment being the boost gauge. Before the car is started the needle is about -0.7 and on ignition the needle goes to 0 which i assume is correct...But thats where it stays constantly...