1. Surfing Boris

    Volk Racing TE37

    I really want a set of 18 inch TE37 alloys but all I can find in the UK are the bronze, white, or shades of grey. Does anyone in the UK stock the red, purple or neo chrome (oil slick style) options? Or does anyone know a UK website that I can order them through? Cheers
  2. specr

    FS: apexi afc neo for sale

    apexi afc neo brand new in box never fitted with free stand 250 euro quick sale
  3. Nicely

    FS: ***SOLD*** Snooper S6-R Neo

    I've recently upgraded my Snooper to a Syrius S600 and I now have my S6-R Neo for sale :) These are selling on Ebay for upwards of £100. I'm pleased to say that I can offer this to you for £60 delivered! :eek: Here's the official spiel... The Snooper S6 R Neo combines BOTH laser / radar...
  4. ichi-go

    RWD Neo VVL

    Hi everyone, Been researching this for a couple of nights now. Just wondering what you guys think of this upgrade?? More on this upgrade, To start off, Neo VVL is the "vtec" version of Nissan. Basically the cam profiles have two cam lobes, one denote as low cam and the other high cam. When...