1. D

    Nuts and bolt Kits

    Hi, are there any nuts and bolt kits available for an S15 Spec-R? I would like to have a good assortment of nuts and bolts in my garage, or would a general kit from a hardware store do?
  2. O

    WTB: s15 bellhousing, driveshaft, starter bolts

    Hi guys, As the title says after a few bolts and nuts that got misplaced when taking the gearbox and engine out of the car. looking for: bellhousing bolts (6 speed) 4 propshaft bolts and nuts (where the flanges meet in front of the carrier bearing) and the starter bolts Anyone that has...
  3. Nickichi

    FS: Nismo rear wing spoiler silvia s15

    For sale and preferably collection only is a Nismo Rear Spoiler I brought a while ago but never got around to having it fixed onto my car. Clearing out the garage and unlikely to fix it onto my car now. Doesn't come with fixing bolts but has the nuts installed still within the supports. It's...
  4. S

    FS: s14/s15 Sr20det Japspeed manifold

    Sr20det Japspeed manifold. Brand new in box with gaskets nuts and bolts. £100
  5. Cess

    Engine bay/slam panel nut sizes

    Folks, I want to tidy up my slam panel and was wondering what size of nuts are needed. Basically M= what? Hopefully, that makes sense. Cheers.
  6. vinnie

    FS: Garage Mak Tow & Work Emotion Wheel Nuts

    Selling last few bits of my car Genuine Garage mak Tow bar £45 Work Emotion Wheel Nuts £35
  7. JDM_virgin

    what nuts to use on dump pipe

    Morning guys and girls, here is a question for you. Was driving home last night and my exhaust began to blow so i assumed it would be a cracked manifold or part of the dump pipe, however upon inspection what i found was that all 5 (!) of the nuts i used to bolt my dump pipe to the turbo had...
  8. NICKO

    WTB: 2X Front Hub Nuts

    Im looking for 2x front hub nuts for my S15, must been in good condition with minimal damage to the folding edge, cheers
  9. T

    Turbo setup...Metal lock nuts or use Lock Tabs

    Need some feedback here guys as my turbo is coming out for all new gaskets and braided lines at the weekend.should i just get some OEM Lock tabs or are those driftworks metal lock nuts a better idea the only mods done to engine will be elbow and downpipe so more or less standard set up.Im...
  10. Larsz

    Driveshaft bolts

    Hi, When I disassembled the old prop to make way for the Z33 gearbox, 2 bolts snapped on the rear part of the prop and had to grind them off. Now I want new ones, to go with the brand new 1 piece shaft, but my local Nissan dealer cant do crap with my chassis code. Are the S14 bolts and nuts to...
  11. dave_t

    Front Hub Nuts (32mm) Who sell's them???

    Just replaced both front wheel bearings/hubs and need to replace the 32mm hub nuts. Nissan said it would be a 3 week wait! Anyone know where to pick some up? Also, the metal hub 'cap' that acts as a weather seal could do with renewing too if they are available
  12. Alex De Large

    Rear Diff Nuts

    Lately the S15 seems to be clunking a lot more when I change gear so I thought I'd get under the car today while I have the day off and have a look. What I found was that one of the nuts at the back of the diff wasn't tightened all the way down. I tried to tighten and loosen it but the nut just...
  13. Nissan_S15

    FS: WORKS Anodized Blue Wheel Nuts

    For sale I have some rare WORKS blue anodized wheels nuts. They have come straight off of my S15's WORKS CR Kai alloys. All in preety good shape, would make a great replacement for anyone missing their WORKS wheel nuts. Seeing as its not a complete set of WORKS wheel nuts (totaling 16), Im...
  14. S

    WTB: Standard wheel nuts

    After a set of standard wheel nuts if anyone has any they don't want thanks
  15. S

    What type of lug nuts for an S15???

    I'm going to be ordering some wheels from the US for my Silvia, but the guy on the phone was asking what type of lugs I need. Does anyone know the thread, size, and anything else I would need to know for lug nuts? The wheels I want are MB Weapons. He said something about their aftermarket...
  16. Trial_S15

    FS: Nismo GT4's; 17x7.5JJ ET30 / 17x8.5JJ ET40 (Ireland)

    I've a set of Nismo GT4 alloys in need of a refurb for sale; €750 ONO. They're 5x114.3, 17x7.5JJ ET30 at the front & 17x8.5JJ ET40 at the rear and all four are less than 7.5kg each..... . The Bronze finish on both rears has been partially removed while being cleaned. There is also some...
  17. N

    my new s15 :-)

    wel lads just picked this up last week, put on the wheels and nuts and lexus lights :-)
  18. DeanS15

    FS: 3" decat pipe

    3" bore Stainless steel decat pipe including new bolts, washers and all metal locking nuts. basically as new, 65+delivery from apex performance. 40-00 delivered :)
  19. A

    FS: Parts for cheap!

    I have a set of c-west side skirts in good condition £45 for the pair I also have a vertex rear bumper never fitted so comes primed £50 I have a set of dare drift rz wheels NO TIRES £250 come with gold wheel nuts + locking nuts They are 17" 225 they are multi fitment so will fit most 4/5...
  20. V

    WTB: Wanted: Rays wheel nuts

    I'm trying to find somewhere that sells Rays wheel nuts, preferably a full set in red! Anyone know where I can look? I have found some odd places on google but I don't trust them to be genuine.