1. 1

    S15 vs RX7 - NO HATE Please

    Hey guys, I haven’t properly introduced myself even though I’ve been part of this forum for a few months now. What I want to cover today may be a “stupid” topic. I have owned my S15 for nearly a year and a half now. It is a Spec R in a completely stock condition minus the stainless steel turbo...
  2. Mycool

    Just found history of my s15!! :O (Picture heavy)

    Hi guys, Abit random - But i just decided to do a HPI check on my s15 & with the HPI check it also gave me the previous Registration plates it has had so i searched it up! Apparently it was owned by someone on here called 'sushiming' who is apparently the founder of this forum/ help started it...
  3. F

    My pearl white aero spec r

    Hi,I'm Steve from Sheffield been a member on the sx0c on and off since 2006and recently been a member of this forum for a few months now, this is my 1st s15 but owned a few jap cars before, I've been looking out for the right car for over 2 years now since selling my dc5, and before that my...
  4. Jay-pan

    R32 GTR whos owned one?

    I know its silly just got my S15 and spent a fortune on a brand new rebuilt unit and nismo clutch but so tempted by an R32. just want to see whos had one or drove one will be a weekend toy and owned a few evos so running cost is not a massive issue but more concerned with the age/reliability...
  5. D

    s15 spec r owner

    hiya all owned my spec r for 6 years
  6. Krish

    FS: S15 FTW gauging interest

    Will prob be selling up soon as job has changed and I need to move to something more "daily" friendly. Full spec to follow. It's stage 3 @ 355bhp. Maintained by APT. Full aero, spec R with 85k on the clock. Brand new exeddy clutch, new rear tyres, Alpine HU and speakers all round worth over...
  7. B

    Newbie looking for an S15

    Hi All, I am just about to start looking for my next car, I have decided on an S15 (a friend owned one and it looked incredible along with a decent dose of power when he planted his right foot) :nod: I am hoping to get my hands on a Pearl White 2002 Spec R (probably pushing my luck a little as...
  8. C

    Hi All

    Hi all my name is craig, I'm looking at buying a spec r in the near future as i need something turbo in my life again and the S15 look awesome. I've owned a Nissan Pulsar GTi-R and an Evo 4 both great cars and i'm currently driving a honda integra DC-5 in arctic blue, so far the best car i've...
  9. S

    Hi. One more from Somerset.

    Just a quick hello, i bought James15's old car so i gather most know all about it. Here's a quick stolen photo from the add.. I have loads of plans for it and it seems i have been working on it every day since getting it, its now getting there but there's still loads to do to it for me to be...
  10. B

    Hey guys - from Gold Coast Australia

    Hey Hey, Sweet! I'm not the only one obssessed by S15's! Recently bought my current ADM S15 which is the second one I've owned . I'll post some pics in members ride.
  11. S

    hello from surrey

    happy christmas eve :) thought i best introduce myself ive been on here a few months as i was building an s13.5 but after some seriously thinking i purchased sx-si's s15 shell and have set about rb25'ing it :cool: owned as s13 for the past two years and loved it but now its time to go all out...
  12. G

    Hi from Cyprus!

    Hey guys, Just thought I'd say Hi! :) Owned an S15 Spec-S, sold it.. regretted it and now am sourcing a Spec-R to fill the hole in my heart ;) Am not new to Nissans.. owned a bunch of Skylines (all R33s), a GTi-R, and even an S12! Frankly though.. the S15 was by far the best for my needs...
  13. C

    Time for some photos..

    I haven't really posted many pics of either of my S15's on the forum, so time to break the trend. As it was the first dry day we've had here for about a month, I thought a special trip to Birmingham was in order for some photos! Glad to get out of my gay Punto for a while too! Silvia and I...
  14. S

    Hello From the US

    I just wanted to start off my name is Sean Bergstrom I work for Z1 motorsports in there 240sx Dept. I Started with my first Japanese car when i was stationed in Japan In 2002 to 2003 i owned a S13 and a R34 GTT. I bought my first S15 in 2005. I am A Die hard Nissan Fan I have owned 2 S15's one...
  15. R

    New from the States

    Hey guys, my name's Richard. I own a '98 Nissan 240sx (S14a). One of my buddies here in Nashville,Tennessee owns a S15 Spec R and he referred me to the site. Obviously I love the S-chassis and hope that I can contribute on here. My S14 only has a Blitz Nur Spec R cat-back since I'm a poor...
  16. naha_music

    Newbie in Japan

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. My name is Thomas and just recently returned back to Kanagawa, Japan, for the 3rd time. I've never owned an S15, but hopefully that will change in the near future. I've always been a Silvia enthusiast, as I've owned an S12, S13...
  17. 4

    Convert me

    Howdy people, i am currently the owner of a Yellow jdm Integra type R and have been thinking about getting an S15 for quite a while now. I know absoutly nothing about any cars other that Hondas lol as thats what i have always owned :yawn: So here i am, im going to have a gander on the forum and...
  18. T

    Hey I'm New!

    Just joined, though I would introduce myself, I'm in the US now originally from Trinidad. I have a 2000 S15 Spec-R, owned it for about 1 1/2 now. Car is down right now getting a few upgrades etc. Here's the car:
  19. A

    My S15!

    Thought i should introduce myself now that I have been the proud owner of an S15 for just about a week...:smitten: Here is my ride, some of you may recognise it as previously owned by another member on this forum.. :thumbs: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=111991&l=1901a&id=521810351...
  20. P

    Irish newbie!!

    Hi, new here name is Patjoe from mayo, Ireland. Recently bought an S15, but have owned S13's and S14's. Heres a pic of my car