1. Sims77

    Spec R caliper

    Morning Bit of a urgent question if anybody can help. I've got my Spec-R in a garage as the passenger caliper has stuck on. Are they the same as an S14 caliper? Need to get this sorted ASAP Thanks.
  2. JDM_virgin

    I think Ive been had...

    Just bought some wheel arch liners direct from nissans, both parts of the drivers side liners and the bottom part for the passenger side, total price....£124.74 including VAT Cant help thinking i should have looked elsewhere?
  3. Misiek_lbn

    WTB: Passenger side headlight non xenon in good price

    As in title, I am looking for passenger side headlight, mine is a bit damaged and need to replace it. Non xenon, doesn't have to be perfect, looking for sth in good price. Cheers :thumbs:
  4. Aurora61

    Loose coilover upper mount?

    I have a set of d-max super street coilovers, and the upper mount for the front drivers side seems excessively loose. When I removed the coilover assembly from the car, i noticed that i can pivot the top mount with barely no resistance, while the passenger side required a bit of force. When i...
  5. S

    FS: Passenger S15 seat (FREE)

    Hi all, I have an original S15 passenger seat. I don't need it, its free but you would need to collect it from eltham, london. Cheers, Shah
  6. Parky

    FS: Full leather passenger seat for sale

  7. SlidewayzS15

    WTB: WTB Passenger fender side marker Pigtail

    Looking for Passenger fender side marker Pigtail connector.
  8. Parky

    WTB: Wanted - couple of interior trim bits

    Will be surprised if anyone has these but if you don't ask, you don't get. Passenger side wing mirror cover... Ignition barrel plastic ring / cover. That's it! :thumbs:
  9. B

    Central Locking Fuse

    Hi guys - do you know which fuse the central locking runs on? Problem is my passenger side has stopped working, doesn't open from the alarm remote, nor the drivers door button or using the key in the drivers lock. so it's not both central locking units, just the passenger, does it run on a...
  10. R

    WTB: Front passenger window glass

    As title long shot I know Contact me on 07817028470 Thanks
  11. C

    WTB: (WTB) left side front wing

    Looking for a left side (passenger) front wing
  12. J

    WTB: Need a passenger side headlight

    As above. Text or call me 07730:568951. Thanks
  13. Mark_D

    WTB: S15 Passenger Seat

    Got one, cheers
  14. V

    WTB: S15 passenger wing

    Has anyone got a passenger wing for sale? Must be 100% straight with no rust. Colour is not an issue.
  15. J

    FS: Bucket seats and rails

    - Cobra Daytona reclining seats on cobra frames, the seats were modified to sit as low as possible and are fitted with pump up lumbar supports for the lower back. very comfortable and supportiveIn good condition, only piece missing is the winder for passenger seat, a new one can be fitted...
  16. N

    WTB: s15 passenger side HID headlight + s15 bonnet

    as above, friend is looking for a s15 passenger side HID headlight. he will buy a pair if price is reasonable or if anyone has just the glass for the passenger headlight he would buy that! also after a bonnet, standard or will consider other types (carbon, fibregalss) text him on 087 0566187
  17. T

    WTB: Rear passenger side arch

    Does anyone have a crashed s15 where I can cut the rear arch on the passenger side off. Mine has a bit of rust coming through so I want to chop out one get it welded in when I get it fully resprayed back to mint condition.
  18. V

    WTB: WANTED: S15 passenger wing and passenger HID headlight

    Hi guys, Still trying to get hold of a passenger wing and HID headlight. Ideally the wing would be pearl white. Cheers.
  19. tooley

    WTB: Passenger front window smashed help :D

    Smashed.......... need a replacement asap! Help
  20. J

    WTB: Passenger side window runner and rubber

    Hi people I'm in desperate need of a passenger side window runner and the rubber that the top of the window sits in if any one can help please give me a bell on 07904317275 sound