1. Darren_S15

    FS: Passenger side door visor

    For those of you who don't know me I used to be a very active member of this forum years ago before I sold my S15. I recently found an S15 part in the loft, the original passenger side door visor from my car. The drivers side one was broken on my car so I had the parts shipped over from Japan...
  2. K

    WTB: WANTED...S15 front brake caliper!

    My front passenger caliper has seriously seized and appears unsalvageable. Anyone selling or know anyone with a spare please let me know. Thank you for looking.
  3. A

    FS: Bride Low Mount Seat Rail (Passenger)

    For Sale; Bride Low Mount Seat Rail (Passenger) Genuine Bride rail in good order SOLD
  4. Keifer1903

    WTB: Passenger side mount seat rail

    As above please
  5. S

    FS: S15 passenger seat

    Just the passenger seat for sale. Comes with the rail, in V good condition and located in Essex. I'l post a picture later when I get home. £75 collected.
  6. I

    WTB: S15 door lock motor (passenger side)

    I'm looking for S15 door lock motor which is attached with 2 screws onto the door closing mechanism, I only need the motor unit, passenger side please.
  7. J

    WTB: Passenger side front wing/fender or pair of aftermarket standard size

    Need a front passenger wing standard, or can consider aftermarket but standard size
  8. A

    WTB: Passenger xenon headlight wanted

    Hi guys, Can anyone help me with a passenger xenon headlight? I need one pretty urgently. Thank you.
  9. F

    WTB: Passenger mirror in pearl white

    Must be mint , cash waiting
  10. Lil SpecR

    FS: Excellent condition OEM passenger seat with rails

    1 x Passenger side standard S15 seat Condition: Very good condition, no obvious wear to bolsters or material, in fact I dont think the previous owner had many passengers at all :) £100 ONO PLEASE NOTE BOTH SEATS WILL COME WITH THE S15 RAILS SO READY TO BOLT ON! Pick up from Stoke on...
  11. M

    WTB: Wanted S15 passenger and steering wheel airbags

    As above a mate is putting an s15 back on the road an is looking for both airbags.
  12. M

    FS: Wanted S15 passenger and steering wheel airbags

    As above a mate is putting an s15 back on the road an is looking for both airbags.
  13. B

    WTB: Wanted passenger side S15 Standard Tail lamp

    Was looking for a set of S15 Tail lamps, but have managed to get a Std drivers side one, any one got a passenger side one ? Please message cost and location if you have anything Many thanks
  14. L

    WTB: passinger side window switch...

    need a new passenger side window switch... mine decided it doesnt want to go up anymore..... :(
  15. M

    WTB: Door card handle surround thingymijig

    after one of these for the passenger nearside door card. It's the trim around the door release pull.
  16. L

    FS: S15 Spec R for sale, Merseyside, England

    Hi, (Will post pictures when I have permission to manage attachments - new member.) After many months, actually a couple of years, of debate, I am looking to sell my 1999 S15 in blue. I live 15 minutes’ walk from where I work, so the S15 spends most of its time on the drive and it deserves...
  17. billy_t15

    WTB: Spec R halfshafts

    Hi all Looking for a pair of half shafts / side flanges for my tomei 2 way LSD I believe standard S15 ones will fit, ive tried S14 and S13 but no provail! I have one S15 drivers side that fits but the passenger side is in **** condition so cant be used I will take a complete rear diff and...
  18. JDM_virgin

    WTB: Branded down pipe and elbow

    As in the title, 3 inch down pipe and elbow- stainless obviously. I bought toyo sport ones and the downpipe is tight against the passenger footwell so eventually something will crack :( lesson learnt but cheap but twice :(
  19. Havoc

    WTB: Passanger side wing mirror glass.

    As before need a mirror glass for the passenger side wing mirror! " Instagram: @mrkerr @downsideapparel #downsidedrifters "
  20. D

    WTB: Had a accident need some parts :-(

    Hi ya all my beloved s15 spec r been in a accident as I was exiting a roundabout a Romanian reg Audi a8 pulled out and clipped the passages frontside of my car and he shot off I don't want to go though my own insurance and get it written off I need a new complete front slam panel front bumper...