1. C

    Gas pedal deadzone

    Just recently got my S15 and there is one thing really bugging me out. The gas pedal doesn't appear to have any way of adjusting it's start and stop positions (other than literally bending it). The issue is, I have a lot of deadzone before the throttle cable starts pulling on the throttle lever...
  2. cviesins

    Clutch Noise??? PLEASE HELP

    Here is a video of the sound: When I push the clutch pedal in, and release it, there is a "rubbing" noise. When releasing the pedal, it feels very sticky, and is difficult to release smoothly which makes for a jumpy/jerky start. It is an ORC 409 Single Plate Clutch...
  3. H

    Clutch pedal down = Grinding noise

    Hello Im having this wierd noise coming when I press down my clutch pedal. Recently I changed to a Exedy sports organic clutch and a brand new Koyo release bearing. After some months it started to make some sort of grinding noise when I press down my clutch pedal. I then changed my...
  4. dave_t

    S15 GT, R34 V-Spec II & 350Z 380RS Pedal Install Guide

    In the whole of the INTERNETZ i could not find much info on the compatibility of these pedals for the S15, and ZERO information on whether the R34 dead pedal could be used on the S15, so i have decided to put together a guide. What you will need: S15 GT/R34 GT-R Vspec II Pedal Set 1...
  5. dave_t

    S15 Alloy Dead Pedal/Foot Rest

    Well i have just ordered the R34 GTR/NISMO 380RS Alloy Pedal Set for my S15. Google Pic of Example Fitted Be great for heel-toe :thumbs: Now the R34 Dead Pedal is a different shape to our S15's, so the Alloy Plate will not fit. Does anyone know of an OEM or Aftermarket Alloy Dead Pedal...
  6. Parky

    Changed clutch, pedal now stiff..?

    I swapped the OE clutch for an ACT HD organic yesterday as the Nissan one started to slip / stink, I was told it had roughly the same feel as an OE clutch, but after putting everything back together and giving the pedal a press it now feels really stiff and spongy. It's not a new clutch, it has...
  7. J

    clutch pedal adjustment

    Hi lads I fitted a new clutch and now it engages as soon as you depress it my foot only off the floor . Then at the top of the pedal there is a about a inch and a half of play. Does anyone know how to adjust the pedal out a bit. Cheers
  8. Fruitbooter

    Improving the stopping power of my car

    I have got Evo brembos at the front with 345mm grooved brembo discs and EBC Redstuff pads. I still have crappy oem discs and pads at the back, braided lines on all however. I still dont think the stopping power is quite where I'd like it to be...its a mixture of problems really, I dont like...
  9. Fruitbooter

    Brake problem

    Brake problem (update new help needed) Got a bit of a weird problem, brakes feel fine when driving and braking normal...even feel good when braking quite hard. But when you slam on in an emergency or deliberately to try and test them the pedal feels very strange. Its like the pedal is...
  10. S

    s15 bleeding wilwood brake issues

    need some help guys fitted my new wilwood kit today with 5.1 DOT brake fluid. Took the best part of 5hours and its still not complete because we cannot get the air out the system. started by bleeding the calipers, one at a time starting with N/S rear, O/S rear, N/S front then O/S...
  11. dave_t

    S15 Slave Cylinder

    Well last night i jumped in the S15 to go to work. Pressed the clutch pedal down, and went to engage first gear. It wouldn't let me. With the pedal depressed fully, it would not disengage the clutch.not wanting to be late to work, i took the A3 TDI daily :down: All night worrying about what...
  12. Burnsy

    Gearbox whine

    hiya. i have used the search button but im still a bit confused as to what is exactly wrong and what i need to do to remedy it! had a slight whine from the box, when pedal is up. now got a bit louder and can just hear it when driving. low gears. so clutch release or input shaft bearing...
  13. Aurora61

    issues with ABS activation

    Ever since ive owned my current s15, ive been having issues with ABS. Almost every single time i brake, ABS activates (wet or dry/brakes warmed up or cold). Ive been trying to diagnose this problem, but cant figure it out at all. One distinctive characteristic is that the pedal seems very...
  14. JaseYpk

    ABS vs "Stamping the Pedal"

    Seems like its 'brake week' lol When heavy braking, and the abs kicking in, I always panic (i dislike the juddering feel of abs a lot) so release the brake and start stamping, which seems much more effective. But is it all in my head, or is ABS actually better than stamping your pedal fast and...
  15. C

    Z32 bmc

    What difference does fitting a Z32 BMC actually make? At the moment my brakes are really sharp (K-Sport 8 pot fronts and standard rears) and the brake pedal hardly moves when I apply the brakes. I am fitting the K-Sport rear setup very soon too though, hence this question. Would the Z32 BMC...
  16. I

    S15 brembo problem

    Iv just fitted a set of R34 GTR brembos front and rear with R34 BMC on my S15 iv blead all 4 calipers 3 times and theres no air but my brake pedal is allmost hitting the floor and i have to pump the pedal a few times to get any presure i got no idear whats wrong ? theres no leaks or anything...
  17. S

    FS: Razo pedal covers for sale.

    Hi all. I have some Razo pedal covers for sale. removed from my silvia. In very good condition, and include all fixings. £10 collected, £15 delivered Pm me if interested Mike
  18. - 0h -

    Would R34 GTR brake pedal fit into s15's?

    as title stated... would the R34 GTR brake pedal fit straight into any of S15's?? cheers
  19. - 0h -

    Manual conversion

    Hi there...I'm planning to do the manual conversion for my S15 Spec S. first, today I went to pick up Spec R 6spd gearbox. and all the bits that I have got from these are.. +light weight 4140 one-piece billet chromoly wheel flywheel +heavy duty single plate solid center clutch & pressure...
  20. B

    WTB: s15 clutch pedal unit + clutch master

    hi, i got a automatik and swap now a rb26det in it. now i´m searching for clutch pedal unit ... soo a best would be all whats required for it. or did anyone know if the s14 pedal unit fits too? thanks