1. T

    Link ecu on a std. Spec R

    Hi guys i've recently bought a '99 spec R fully original only a pod filter this guy who helps me import the car here claims that if i want to drive it in belgium with our petrol i need to change the ecu from a std. To an aftermarket one that can be mapped can you guys confirm this or is...
  2. Fruitbooter

    Rant about this country (Petrol related)

    Well I’m surprised there isn’t a thread already! So last week when it all kicked off on Wednesday or Thursday I think it was..everyone decided the world was going to end or something and decided to brim their tanks! Meanwhile as this kicked off I was driving around on the red as I intended to...
  3. xlr8

    Heatwave in ireland

    Sun is out in Ireland = wax cars and fill with petrol
  4. Marcus

    Little problem with Dumpvalve!?

    I just installed my new DV (Synapse Sb001) and today I started my car... It is running great until I touch the gas-pedal.. If I even give it just a litte-little-little bit revs, its starting to idle very very bad.. Idle goes up and down, up and down... 1000rpm -> almost stall -> 1000rpm...
  5. L

    is it normal to get a strong smell of petrol out of da exhaust when running?

    jst wondering is it normal 2 get a strong smell of petrol out of da exhaust when its running as this s my first s15 so im not up 2 d8 with s15. any advice would be lovely.
  6. M

    nismo 555 injector problem!!!!

    hi...has anybody had any problems replacing the standard injectors with nismos??a friend of mine has an s15 and he got 555 nismo injectors,power fc and when put back together its a non start,cylinders are flooding with petrol and hydraulic locking!!got new o-rings for the injectors and same...
  7. mint

    Petrol BAH!

    here we go again.. usual petrol rant! Got a call from my mate with a Super Charged lexus last night to tell me "Aberdeen is out of Petrol" and im like.. eh? Turns out.. Diesel ran out, Unleaded ran out.. and by the time i was done work today everyone bought Vpower because there was no...
  8. MrSilvia

    Good day ... all s15oc!

    Hi ... I am from malaysia. I own a pearl white s15 spec-R for more than 1 year. For the pass 1 year, I did fix some parts here & there. Currently, use as daily car & quite a mid heavy petrol drinker. :annoyed: Will post some photos of my babe later .... Gan bade .. mina san!
  9. moomin

    what is the best petrol, REALLY?

    Just wondering what petrol you guys use in your S15's? I have always used shell Vpower - or Tesco equivalant when shell is closed!! I heard that i would get better MPG with super unleaded rather than the common stuff. is this just a old wife's tale though?? Most of my pals use the normal stuff -...
  10. raytsang

    ireland to get 99.2 ron

    Maxol ireland had just lunched E5 in ireland...... which has been confirmed to be 99.2RON :D:D:D this will be replacing with all maxol unleaded fuel. its basically a mixture of biofuel (5%) and petrol (95%). :thumbs::notworthy::notworthy: oh yeah and its...
  11. E

    Fuel is dangerous!!

    Had a bit of a scare today - trying to crank my car over and nothing but spluttering and then death. Sometimes it can be difficult to start, so i decided to persevere a little longer. All of a sudden, a young lad came over and knocked on my window to let me know (in Russian so not easy to...
  12. kimi

    petrol tank / cap

    hi guys, since i've had my car every now and again i get a strong smell of petrol by the petrol cap, today i've been doing some investigating...... any answers or ideas heres what i've done today. 1- there is no leaks, 2-when i take my cap off i dont get the hiss as if my tanks not...