1. ChrisKnottIns

    Chris Knott VIRTUAL SHOW & SHINE 2015

    Check this out... CHRIS KNOTT VIRTUAL SHOW & SHINE - with £100 prize Here's a chance for members to show off their cars and their photo skills once again as we launch the 2015 Chris Knott Virtual 'SHOW & SHINE' on Social Media. It's been a couple of years since we ran the last one. There's...
  2. S

    Rocker cover breathers

    Forgive me in advance - I don't know tooooo much about the SR20 yet (I'm learning!).... The rear breather (hiding in the top right corner of this photo) Is shot to hell at the bottom. At the same time the foam breather thingy in this photo is also perished. Would you just replace the...
  3. C

    Few newbie quiestons on specs and importing :)

    Hey Folks, So start of next year, I'm looking (If all goes to plan money wise) to import an S15 Spec R. Got a couple questions if people wouldn't mind answering them for me. Body works. I know about the Aero but not 100% sure what the difference is. The first two photos on the Japfest Photo...
  4. willy s15

    WTB: s15 console

    hi i am looking for s15 console mine is broken so let me know what you got just like photo
  5. C

    New Spec R owner

    Hi All, My name is Ant and i'm from East Yorkshire Bought a Spec R a few weeks back and have only just got round to getting signed up on here. Here's a photo of it.
  6. ChrisKnottIns

    Chris Knott VIRTUAL SHOW & SHINE (with prizes)

    Here's a chance for members to show off their cars and their photo skills as we launch the Chris Knott Virtual 'SHOW & SHINE' over on our Facebook page. All you need to do is LIKE our page - Chris Knott Facebook - and post a pic of your car on the page. There's a PRIZE for the winning entry...
  7. R

    NA S15 from Malaysia

    Hi , my name mohamad razi, a malaysian , owned a Natural aspiration S15 since 2009, still no mods (virgin) .. this photo was taken in 2009 after buying her from a car dealer. below is the photo taken in 2012...Only change to a set of black 17 inch rims Photo taken at Batu Pahat...
  8. S

    FS: S15 drivers seat with rail.

    Selling this to acquire the funds to replace the passenger with a bucket. This is in very good condition, currently a tad dusty as its in storage but I will give it a wipe over. From a 30k car (it had done less when it was removed) These are a lovely looking upgrade which keep you nicely...
  9. I

    FREE Copy of Speedhunters Limited Edition Photo book up for Grabs!

    To those of you who don't follow us on Facebook, we are offering a free brand new copy of the new Speed Hunters photo book that will go to someone chosen at random from our Facebook followers once it hits 500. It is shameless blackmail...I''m not going to lie So get following...
  10. JaseYpk

    FS: Genuine "Silvia" Floor Matts - £20

    All 4, in decent condition. Usual wear from being used to the driver and passenger, but the rears look almost new, less a little bit of thread unravelling on one. THEY LOOK BETTER THAN THEY DO IN THE PHOTO! the photo makes them look minging. but they're actually a lot blacker. bloody flash...
  11. Shorty

    Mints new JZX 100

    So many of you know Mint and I'm SUPER EXCITED that his Chaser is finally here so thought I'd post a couple photos of it. We picked it up after Mint finished work yesterday... so got to the garage about 10.30pm at night. Excuse the quality of pictures, it was wet and dark and camera phone so...
  12. V

    Why is my S15 boosting high?

    Hi guys, I have recently got an S15 and it's boosting above stock. I had it on a dyno yesterday and it showed about 1.1bar (17psi). There is no boost controller on the car so I'm trying to find out how the boost has been turned up. The guy at RDT said he didn't know the S15 engine perfectly...
  13. P

    Pearl White in Arborfield area Monday evening

    I did not see it but my friend was out in his white BMW 130i (which is maxed out with all the factory carbon and boyracer options inc silver go faster stripe), he took a photo to show with his phone to show me, as I have a pearl white Spec R myself. He said it had an FMIC and he could hear the...
  14. JaseYpk

    Paul Walker (fast & furious) drives an S15!

    And as a result. the S15 is now uncool. and we need to sell up. photo is from november 2011, so is pretty up to date. Not a bad looking 15 either!
  15. JaseYpk

    Best BMW 3 Series EVER. (fact)

    Check out this BMW (emphasis on the BMW).. Make sure you look at the rear photo. The bumper is amazing.
  16. Fruitbooter

    Show us what it looks like right now!

    Okay I know we have the 'latest favourite piks' thread but I thought this would be interesting. What I want you to do is after reading this, when you can go and take a photo of your car...clean or dirty, in bits or complete dont change anything, just go and take a photo of its current state...
  17. K

    Hello Everyone

    Hey guys, I just bought an S15. Its an ADM 2002 Spec S GT in Silver. I thought i should join this forum as i've been using it a lot already. I'll make sure i search hard before i ask questions that have already been answered, as i see this is a bit of an issue. No photo of car cos its totally...
  18. S

    FS: s15 fibreglass bonnet for sale pearl white

    Location: Australia Brisbane 4178 item desicription: s15 silvia fibreglass vented bonnet. unknown brand (came with the car when it was imported), appears to fit very well, painted in PEARL white (the JDM silvia colour) different to the ADM white as far as i know. paint is in good...
  19. adz87kc

    FS: Nismo ducktail spoiler

    I recently removed a Nismo ducktail spoiler from my car so its up for sale. Its pewter in colour- looks white in the photo for some reason. £150 collected or £160 posted.
  20. xlr8


    Can someone shed some light on this?This fella is selling an lsd he was told came off an s14a.He has sent me pics of the internals and housing.S15 half shafts are 6 bolt pattern arent they and anyone know (even with the bad photo) if it is a 1.5 way.He is selling real cheap and i just wanta see why?