1. G

    FS: veilside bodykit

    veilside bodykit 800$ Hi, i'am saling my veilside bodykit. -front bumper -rear bumper -side skirts -spoiler 800$ more photos soon.
  2. Mycool

    Aston martin pearl white s15

    Have not posted pics etc on here for a long time now so i thought id post up a few - Hope you enjoy! I Went for a photoshoot with one of my mates last sunday as the weather was nice & I'm quite impressed with the out come! Here are a couple of pictures from the shoot 👍🏻 multi hosting...
  3. Lil SpecR

    FS: Recaro dc2 seats in red. Pair with rails.

    **deposit received** Heads up that these seats as fitted in my car are now up for sale. Photos below... Red, good condition (sold to me with one cigarette burn in a discrete area and a small Nick on the back of the other seat) with rails included to bolt directly into your S15! Pick up from...
  4. lewis

    My Dream S15

    So as most stories start, and don't worry it won't be long till photos rather than less interesting chatter, I was browsing the internet... and whilst a much younger version of me was looking for pictures of Paul Walkers GTR and Supra from F&F etc to print off and stick on my wall, when I saw a...
  5. Lil SpecR

    Japfest Rock Photos!

    Here is a selection of some of the S15s I saw at Japfest Rock on Sunday! At the bottom are the links to the albums on facebook so you can see lots of other cars if you fancy it :) One of the tidiest Variettas I have seen (not that I have seen many lmao!), but I really liked it :) Was...
  6. F


    Hi all. Recently sold my S14 and bought a grey S15 Spec S. No doubt I'll have some questions at some point and I'll fire up some photos too. I'm from West Sussex, UK. Ryan
  7. M

    Anyone know this car?

    Trying to buy a S15 and this popped up, lack of photos and description is a tad worrying. Anyone recognise it?
  8. armouredsnake

    Ichigo Project phase 2.2

    Sorry guys for moving this but meant to start a new build thread for my car cause things have changed so much:rotfl: So Finally after years of not updating info on my build I will soon be updating you guys with pictures and progress of my secret build project :D I'm still real busy with work...
  9. 3

    Hey guys im new

    Hey guys I'm new Names louie I've got a pearl white silvia s15 its a bit of a sleeper, I'd up load photos but i don't really know how to any tips??
  10. D

    Hi from Aus!

    Hi there. New to the Nissan scene, always been a Subaru guy but wanted something different and always wanted an S15. So I went out and found myself a JDM spec R in White Loving the car, just want to get into modding a bit. But first I need some Photos! (Ive had the car 3 months and no photos...
  11. V

    Suspension identification

    Hi guys, I could do with knowing what suspension my car has got. I can't see any markings anywhere so I thought I'd get some photos and hope someone might recognise them? Front: Rear: Thanks!
  12. C

    Few newbie quiestons on specs and importing :)

    Hey Folks, So start of next year, I'm looking (If all goes to plan money wise) to import an S15 Spec R. Got a couple questions if people wouldn't mind answering them for me. Body works. I know about the Aero but not 100% sure what the difference is. The first two photos on the Japfest Photo...
  13. Parky

    Japfest 2014 S15OC photos

    Didn't get loads of photos and they were on my phone so they're not the best but here you go, add any others (the ones your mrs. took Joe?)
  14. matt1966

    my S15 SPEC S AERO.....

    HOW THE HELL DO YOU load photos
  15. Fruitbooter

    R.I.P DeanS15's old car

    Firstly apologies to the current owner if your on here but I can't remember who bought it! Just seen that JDM Garage are breaking Deans old car! For the newer people who don't know, this was an amazing car, countless hours and money went into it producing one if the cleanest, best examples in...
  16. J

    FS: S15 wide vented front wings

    No longer need these, 25mm wider then standard vented. They will need a small repair, will get photos tomorrow. They will need painting too. £150 posted to uk
  17. sparks

    Sparks s15 Trying to remember how to post photos think I have it.
  18. Fasthands

    FS: As promised the sad day is here!! Fasthands parts emporium opens it's doors..

    Please if you want a part TEXT me stating your real name and forum username, then that part/s you wish to buy/make an offer on, and your offer... If it's in text talk I will ignore you... If you want any more photos include your email in the TEXT MESSAGE, that way I can tally email addresses...