1. willy s15

    FS: audi s3 p8 front rotors

  2. willy s15

    FS: audi s3 p8 front brake rotors

    hey all i have a set front rotors from audi s3 p8 345x30 this front rotors is with 15.000klms in great shape like new i change it with bigger pics on request priceis 80euro plus fee and ship i anywhere cheers
  3. SX2002

    Pics again

    Here I go, tried everything but cannot insert a pic into my posts..???? getting p****d off very quick...when I click "insert image" I get a drop down box so I can add the pics it the web site's URL or the pic's link URL...blood annoying... this is all I get when I add the pics...
  4. SX2002

    Pics again

    Here I go, tried everything but cannot insert a pic into my posts..???? getting p****d off very quick...when I click "insert image" I get a drop down box so I can add the pics it the web site's URL or the pic's link URL...blood annoying... this is all I get whern I add the pics...
  5. R

    My S15 N/A

    Hey guys! I joined this forum a short while ago and have been looking through builds and just looking for general advice. I decided to put a few pics of my own up so here she is :) It was originally an automatic but was converted to 5 speed manual and had a 2way diff put on when imported :)...
  6. ryan3

    Trax 2016

    Here's a few pics I took at TRAX yesterday... First of all the S15's (there were quite a few others that I spotted but my phone had died by that point): And here's one of mine being washed the day before TRAX as I completely forgot to take any pics of it yesterday! Also a...
  7. dave_t

    FS: BRIDE Zeta III - GENUINE - Red - Glitter Back

    Item For Sale: I have my Genuine BRIDE Zeta III - Red - Glitter Back for sale. Reason For Sale: I had a lovely matching pair in my S15, and held on to this one for my next car after i sold the S15, but i am yet to buy anything tasty so i'll offer it up for sale. Pics fitted to the S15...
  8. B

    FS: Nearly new HSD Monopro coilovers S14 S15

    Sold.......................... Used for 2 weeks, covered approx 30 miles in total. Purchased purely as a temporary measure whilst waiting for my teins to arrive from Japan. Some dusting of white stone chip as shown in pics to rear shocks (stupidly didn't mask them off). Original box...
  9. G

    FS: S15 Kakimoto Regu06r & Carbon

    hi guys, got my S15 kakimoto regu06r for sale Got it brand new from Japan a year ago, got the paperwork and certification for it. Covered about 4000miles since brand new 3" bore Jasma plate All nuts, bolts and gasket included Standard scratches as seen in pics Any questions or more pics, pm...
  10. Keifer1903

    FS: Exhaust Swap

    I have my spec R coming into country within the next few weeks and wanting to get rid of the current exhaust as I don't like it. Been informed that it is a custom made twin shot gun style (pics below) once it arrives ill get more spec on size etc howevere can imagine it being 3" On the hunt for...
  11. pegliobaglio

    FS: Oem seats

    Standard s15 seats with airbags in good condition ( but dirty in the pics as being stored in my workshop) £180
  12. D

    Another Newbie Here!

    Hi Guys, I signed up on here recently as I've been looking for a nice clean S15 to have as a weekend toy / fair weather car. I've previously had a few 200SX's in the past and have been a member on SXOC for a long time. I got the nod from Torque GT this morning that i'd won an auction on a...
  13. S15AK

    New daily - Audi A4 Dynamik

    Got the wife a new daily, we had a Volvo xc90 for a good few years now to ferry the kids about in but it was knocking on 180,000 miles and was showing its age. Originally we wanted a Q7 as we liked the 7 seats, but after weeks of car research (and being put off by the £500 year tax on the Q7...
  14. R

    Fuel purge solenoid?

    I believe this is to do with the carbon canister setup but I can't see where the pipes should go. The bracket that holds it is missing otherwise it would be fairly self explanitory I think. Anyone got any pics of the pipes coming from it or just where it is supposed to be bolted would give me a...
  15. B

    Clunking from rear :( Help p

    Don't worry, I've searched When cornering (right hand turn, weight on back LHS wheel, I've developed a clunking. I know sort of what to look for, so first things first jacked up the car and removed both wheels, I've got nismo lowering springs (not fitted by me). I noticed that on the springs...
  16. D

    Wider front wings

    Any recommendations? Need around 30mm, looking around a lot don't come flush to the door, they step out. Not sure I like the idea, anyone got any pics of them fitted? Cheers :D
  17. R

    New member / owner of an S15

    Hello everybody, I have recently purchased a car some of you might be familiar... its blinx's old Lighting yellow Spec-S which he sold to Marius_s15 back in 2008 and that he brought into Spain in 2010, I got my first s-chassis last year, a spanish-spec S14 which I bought stock and I'm slowly...
  18. tooley

    FS: Garage Clear Out, PSM Knuckles / steering arms / Lower arms and more

    Hey Guys, Got a bunch of parts to sell. First up Part Shop Max Super Steering Angle Knuckles £150 + postage These give you decent lock. Im selling due to buying Geo Knuckles. Had them on the car at Final boss and a few other events. Really surprised I still have these...
  19. A

    New Member from Miami, Spec-R owner

    Hello everyone, I wanted to introduce myself to S15 OC. My name is Alex and I own a 2002 Spec-R. Im relatively new to forums so as I familiarize myself here and how to navigate and post pics, I will be doing so little by little. In the meantime you can click the link below to see some pics of my...
  20. T

    Ings+1 Body kit

    Just wondering does anybody know how rare these kits are I've been researching them as discovering I have one due to all the ings stamps on my kit..never saw another one judging on pics somebody from japan try to copy the ings demo car as I also have the big carbon ings drift wing Thanks