1. Sparky

    FS: Stunning Black S15 Areo for sale

    Nissan Silvia Spec R aero in black Imported 01/03/13 by Tegiwa imports Owned since 05/04/13 Registered on a V plate current private plate is S15 EVL Date of first registration 12/01/00 115,000km on arrival (71458m) Now reads 143,000m (mix = km + m) so 99,458m this will go up 20m per day...
  2. sniffy

    Replacement Vin plate

    Hi, Has anyone ever got a repalcement vin plate that goes on the firewall up by the brake booster ? Mine was removed for an engine respray and got lost by the painter.
  3. Mirai_Vaits

    FS: S15yay - cherished plate

    Hi guys, Selling my private reg S15YAY via ebay auction below - Access Denied Will be a very familiar plate to a lot of you, splitting this reg away from the car has not been an easy decision but it's all going towards funding a well overdue engine conversion so it's not all bad! I can...
  4. S

    WTB: wanted - Rear number plate light and mounting bracket

    Any one got a rear number plate light assembly and bracket? mines looking worst for wear at the minute.
  5. H

    Age of a car.

    My car is on a "W" 2000 plate but I'd like to try and find out the year of manufacture. Apperently the VIN plate holds this info (in the U.K. at least) The 10th character is the age marker. but I'm not sure if this applies to vehicles from outside the UK. If it does apply it would actually...
  6. B

    W Plate White S15 Spotted Coffin Corner Margate

    White W plate S15 lowered with Duck Tail boot spoiler at Coffin Corner Margate heading towards Manston approx 1pm yesterday
  7. C

    FS: Private Plate K 20DSX

    Anyone interest in the private plate k20dsx? Read as K 20DSX. Offers welcome, as per forum rules, price is £2000
  8. tooley

    silver S15 S15DFT ?? Worcester Wednesday

    Was on a work driving course and was behind you for a bit in a range rover. Looks sweet! love the plate.
  9. FreakensNL

    WTB: S15 Din plate

    any one?
  10. Mycool

    Small front plate & tinted headlights?

    helloo ppl, recently ive had my headlights tinted... Obviously depending on the amount of light which they let out would be whether they are classed of legal or illegal id have thought... Now iffff i was to come across a real assy copper, could he actually issue me points for this?/ fine?/ or...
  11. S

    FS: Warren W18RAN Private Plate For Sale

    As per title retained from my current car i have the private plate W18RAN (perfect for a Warren or W Ibran) A friend of my dads buys and sells plates and has valued it in the £499 region so based on this valuation i would accept £450. Maybe open to sensible offers. Thanks, Jamie
  12. M

    FS: S15 Exedy Hyper Single Clutch

    Removed from my S15 as it's overkill for my needs. Nearly new friction plate, plus pressure plate, flywheel, release bearing and carrier, and all bolts. £450 Collection from Derby preferred or plus courier fee.
  13. Havoc

    FS: SR20 to RB Gearbox conversion plate.

    As above... Brand new. SR20 to RB Gearbox conversion plate with all bolts! £250 " Instagram: @mrkerr @downsideapparel #downsidedrifters "
  14. O

    Pewter s15 in brum

    Was doing a turn in at the end of a small road next to a hotel in bham city centre and saw a nice a pewter s15 :) looked well nice had aero front bumper. Number plate was S15 something Was in mine at the time. Never seen another s15 around bham was looking awesome though.
  15. 2

    missing switch on centre armrest

    On the centre console armrest at the side of the cup holders there should either be a switch or a blanking plate, but it's missing and there's just the hole What should be there and any idea where I can get a blanking plate or a dummy switch please Thanks in advance :)
  16. I

    Where is the engine number?

    I'm filling out the registration form for my S15 Spec R and out of all the question the only one I got stuck on is the engine number :wack: I have had a look around the engine, at all the export documents, vin plate, door sill, around windscreen, Google, searched S15OC. I have even looked around...
  17. dave_t

    C's Short Shifter Installed! + Rubber Boot Mod + Shifter Surround Refurb

    Well as soon as the C's Shifter arrived, i couldn't wait to unbox it! I cleaned it thoroughly, and got to greasing it for a nice smooth operation. I then followed this fitting guide - http:// Very easy Install Now even with my OEM...
  18. S

    osgiken clutch seems slipped but not

    i just change my s15 std clutch to os giken twin plate . the giken clutch is actually bit used and took out from driven s15 but i cleaned the minor rust on it except plates. now the issue is that my car is not gripping ( high rpm but no speed above then 50kmh) it seems like clutch is...
  19. N

    Mocal oil sandwich plate center bolt size??

    I'm missing the center bolt from the thermostatic sandwich plate can anyone tell me what size ect or where I can buy one? S15 sr20det obviously
  20. C

    How much is my number plate worth? S15 FTW

    Basically I'm kinda putting my car back to standardish so it's easier to sell. (Will put a thread up shortly) trying to to work out how much my plate is worth, on the website it's worth £450ish but figured to a owner it will be worth a lot more. My pal sold a similar one for his r33 and got...