1. JDM_virgin

    WTB: s15 dash and centre console

    Hi All, looking for upper and lower dash with centre console. not worried about condition, Im making a sim rig with it :D Will need posting unless close to the Essex area ideally under £200 please
  2. S

    WTB: 1.5 Way Differential

    Any brand, ideally already installed to a casing so I can bolt straight into my 15. Can collect around the West Midlands or need it posting.
  3. TrevorSpencer

    Turbo flutter

    First of all, Hello from British Columbia Canada, first time posting here. Secondly i searched before posting so i apologize if there was a post previously and i missed it. So i was wondering if you guys and or girls have used a Greddy RZ bov before and if you ran into turbo flutter from...
  4. S

    WTB: Pewter Grey Rear Bumper

    In mint condition. Can collect around the West Midlands or need it posting.
  5. P

    FS: Blitz SBC Type S Boost Controller - unused

    Purchased August 2014 from, never used, still in box. Just after it was delivered to me and before fitting the EBC I unfortunately wrote off the car :( funkypower told me that they do not accept returns on electronics so I am advertising on here. I paid £346 so am looking for...
  6. N

    FS: S**t front bumper brand new

    Looks ****e Is brand new never fitted obviously......never even test fitted Still in gel coat £50 collection only it's not worth posting even at buyers expense
  7. J

    newbie from co.cork in ireland

    story lads name is john livin in ireland have a green and black s 15 ill get some pics up asap..looking foward to posting on here and finding out all the info i need!! cheers:)
  8. C

    G'day from Sydney Aus.

    G'day everyone. My name is Brad and I'm a sydneysider. (born and bred) I've been in the market for a car for a while and I've fallen in love with the S15 :smitten:, so i surfed the net for a while until i stumbled upon this site and found that it will most likely prove to be infinitely useful...
  9. Max

    H-Dev Manifold Group Buy on SXOC £129.99 Just thought this may help a few people out Need 4 more people (at the time of posting thread) and the price is £129.99! Max
  10. S15RKM

    270deg spin

    Lost it on black ice this morning on way to work, luckily the 270 spin then backwards up a curb didnt do too much damage bloody lucky as it was a stretch of road that opens up, if it had been a narrow road I would be posting now with a pic of a wrecked S15 I think. So take it easy guys I was...
  11. R

    FS: FREE

    have a standard taillight from my s15 only have the right side not posting :rotfl: so its there for the taken before i chuck it out:wave:
  12. K

    wheel bearing ??

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone knew where i can buy wheel bearings in the USA for my s15 or if i can used a s14 wheel bearing ?? I've look through the tread posting and havent found any posting related so if you guys can help it would be greatly apppreciated.:p
  13. R-Spec

    Posting and you

    :DPosting & U
  14. B

    My Vandalised S15 - teenagers walking on it!

    Hi guys, Yes, as the posting title states my car has been vandalised this evening by a group of teenagers. Absolutely no respect for other peoples property! I left for the US today and when I spoke with my other half tonight she informed me that something had happened with the car. A group of...
  15. S

    SpicySilvia - Singapore

    Hi everyone...i found this site first but my other half (MazzyMan) beat me to posting. I also have a JDM S15 Spec R and i'll attempt to post the pics soon.......