1. H

    insurance purposes valuation

    anyone got a ball park figure what i should say my car is worth for agreed valuation purposes? its currently sat at £5k (pretty much what i paid for it) its a Spec S with added DET plus other bits and bobs
  2. G

    WTB: Stereo bracket / coilovers

    remove please -
  3. H

    White S15 Rayleigh Essex

    Saw a white Spec R in BP at Rayleigh, nice looking motor and sounded the bollocks. Pretty sure it was driven by a young lady
  4. Recky

    Hey Guys from Australia!

    Hi guys, bought my S15 in October last year with 115,000km on it. Relatively stock apart from a turbo back 3 inch exhaust, K&N panel filter and body wise some 18x8 generic brand wheels and a spoiler. As like most people I've got some pretty big plans for it, it's just a matter of funds haha. At...
  5. A

    WTB: Passenger xenon headlight wanted

    Hi guys, Can anyone help me with a passenger xenon headlight? I need one pretty urgently. Thank you.
  6. A


    Hi all Ashley from SXOC had a few S bodies still got a S14a Kouki which im in the process of selling Joined the forum to have a look see at some clean low mileage, and pretty standard S15 Spec-Rs as i'll be after one in the next few weeks maybe a month Thanks
  7. Mycool

    hid bulbs

    hey, I'm looking at purchasing a HID kit for my nissan s15. But i'm just unsure on whats best to get. I dont understand all this canbus / bi-xenon options do i need the H1 Canbus hids? or H1 non canbus. sorry i'm pretty clueless! ive tried to look it up but i cant seem to find much info...
  8. K

    In Need of Boost/BOV Help!

    Hi all thanks for looking as after looking on the Internet for odd noises from dump valves it's pretty difficult to get an answer lol :) Pretty much, I fitted a Blitz intercooler around last August and then around December a Hks bov and hadn't had any issues. Suddenly last week I was driving...
  9. Jay-pan

    FS: Massive 4" blitz cone filter

    Removed from my car no damage ideal for running mafless. Looks pretty clean hardly used. offers not sure on price, will get pictures tomorrow
  10. S

    Aussie New Member

    Hi Guys, Just joined this morning. I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I'm a retired Mechanical Engineer. Probably the oldest member you have at 67 years of, not decrepit, still very young at heart...:) I've been a car nut all my life and purchased my S15 200SX brand new in August 2002...
  11. phillll


    Hi guys! Been browsing the forum for a while now, but picked up my S15 on Monday from Torque GT. You may have seen in on the website. Someone pulled out of buying it so it was offered to me. After bidding on cars for months I decided this was the best option to go with. It was a Grade 4, it...
  12. Mike

    The dispatch camper.

    Though this might be of interest to some. I have been converting our Citroën Dispatch into a weekend camper. I set a deadline of the Silverstone F1 to get it done. Might get there... Well it was ply lined when we bought it and I carpeted it and put some speakers in, it's been like this for 3...
  13. dave_t

    FS: OEM Spec-R GearKnob - Replace your worn out one

    Item For Sale: I bought this from Jordan - from his low mileage S15 Spec R. I only needed the lower plastic bit to custom fit my Kazama Gearknob, so the all important gearknob itself is going spare. In pretty damn good condition, better than most i have seen - see pics (actually looks better...
  14. Joe_S15

    Rocker cover painting, help please

    My friend is powder coating my rocker cover and a few other bits for me this week but isn't sure whether you need to remove the small plastic bit thats riveted on the underside. He's concerned that it might melt when they bake it in the oven, but i would have thought it gets pretty hot anyway...
  15. pegliobaglio

    FS: Rota gtr

    For sale rota gtr's 18x8.5 f 18x9.5 r et30 all round 225/40 f 255/35 r falken fk452 with 4-5mm all round ( one rear has some Camber wear could be flipped on rim would be fine) perfect fitment for s15 3 wheels have been painted in custom black pearl and are pretty much mint , the last wheel has...
  16. Auss15


    Jeez, some of you guys over there must be pretty tough forkers...
  17. Chriscooke

    Cheap type r for someone.

    Cheap Spec R for someone. Thought I'd give you guys a heads up as this seems pretty cheap to me. If I had the money i'd view it at the very least :)
  18. S

    Any decent welders out there?

    Well, my exhaust manifold has a pretty extreme crack that needs repair. Pretty much the bit that holds the external wastegate has nearly broken off. Anyone able to weld a stainless steel manifold? I'll post up some pics when I get home. It's pretty bad.....:cry:
  19. J

    Detailing Jem - Porsche 996 turbo

    Yesterday I popped over to Leicestershire to detail this Porsche 996 turbo which was covered in swirls and wash marring, but looks stunning now! Before, looking pretty sorry for itself!
  20. B

    Front Lip Purchased

    Just bought this front lip off ebay: :D Fingers crossed it will fit but after having done a LOT of reading up on the DC2 lips on S15s I'm pretty confident that...