1. M

    WTB: Wanted S15 passenger and steering wheel airbags

    As above a mate is putting an s15 back on the road an is looking for both airbags.
  2. M

    FS: Wanted S15 passenger and steering wheel airbags

    As above a mate is putting an s15 back on the road an is looking for both airbags.
  3. J

    My si180 Track Build

    So I bought this si180 on the weekend for a cheap price (Not gonna say) and I have a few plans with it The body work is no were near perfect as the front bumper is held together by cable ties. But now the fun part of putting her back together. First night I stripped out the interior and...
  4. fez06

    FS: S15 30,000km engine with goodies inside!

    http://www.sxoc.com/vbb/showthread.php?542078-S15-30-000km-engine-with-goodies-inside! putting this up for a friend.
  5. roachey

    FS: Tomei Turbo Brand new 420hp

    hi guys i sold a lot of parts now but still have this so thought i would put it here as it is actually really spec'd for the sr20det anyway, hope this will get put to good use, and im putting this up at £700 thanks.
  6. S

    Hi from Syd - S15 owner

    Hi everyone :wave: coming from a honda background and now a proud owner of a 00 Jdm spec R S15. It is a great car! I have always been in the modding/enthusiast scene, had a few hondas, mx5, more recently sold my DC2 integra type R to get the S15. already started on the mods, putting on some...
  7. spoonman

    Kill switch idea ECU 12V Ignition wire

    I was wondering about a good place of a security kill switch and to save putting it in a location where you lose all power and things like CDplayer settings and clock i was wondering if putting in onto the 12V power supply from the ignition to the ECU so the ECU simply does not turn on. Would...
  8. R

    Putting S14 turbo on S15

    Well been offered a s14 T28 turbo, and might be putting this on my s15, will there be much difference in power compared to t28r? and it will bolt right on?
  9. S

    WTB: 30mm to 50mm front wings and overfenders wanted "ireland"

    as above im parking her up for the winter and putting a bit of money into her so looking to go wide so let me know what ya have
  10. W

    Moisture In Head Light

    One of my head lights seems to be all steamed up and I don't know how to fix this without damaging the light. I tried removing the headlight unit itself, but theres a screw underneath the light which would require me to remove the front bumper so that's not an option. I'm not putting my...
  11. andeep

    S14 Diff Install

    Going to be putting in an S14 welded diff until I can afford a proper 2-way. Just a quick question. Is it just a simple swap to stick the S14 diff in the S15 casing? Do I need anything else but just the bare S14 diff? Is it just a case of pulling the S15 diff out of the casing and putting...
  12. S

    gtr diff upgrade

    hey im thinking of putting either a r32 or r33 gtr diff in my s15. Has anyone put one in there car? will you need gtr half shafts, hubs etc.. and is it worth the effort/ money of putting one in? cheers
  13. zero260

    Wheel ofsets

    Still learning on the S15 front so I have a question about the wheels. I will be going for a wide set of wheels but is there anything I need to know about when it comes to putting certain ofset wheels on an S15? Many thanks.:thumbs:
  14. N

    s15 lips kits?????

    :confused:Hey guys saw this hot rx7 the other day. stock body maybe a some kit on it. .. had a lip kit. i was thinking of getting rid of my Spec R skirts and putting a lip kit all around my car. front sides and rear defuser . .. let me know if u know of any ideas. or pics.
  15. mook

    WTB: Air con control unit

    I'm after a spare air con control unit from under the stereo. Want to have a play around with LEDs and filters with the aim of putting together a 'kit' for it to match lighting built into my dial kits :)
  16. S

    Disadvantage of having Brembo?

    Since I have R34 GTR brembo calipers sitting in my room for half a year i wonder if it's worth putting it along with discs, lines, rear Z32 or R32 conversion and master cylinder... she's putting around 200kw atw... i think it might be ok with just brake pad change for ocassion track use but...
  17. J

    FS: APEX Power FC

    Used Apex power FC. This was a requested part by a member who has stopped answering my private mails so I'm putting it up for sale no drama. If the original member still wants to buy it they can, but I'm putting it up for everyone else too. OK sorry for the disclaimer, just wanted to be fair...
  18. S

    s15 dash illumination

    hi, could i trouble any one to get a picture of there spec r dash illumination at night, would like to see what they look like as i hope to be putting a set on my s13 soon. cheers sam
  19. S

    FS: Brand New HKS GT2835 Turbo

    Been under my bed for a while now and with project aero varietta on the go need to raise some funds..and due to a change of plans I'm putting my HKS GT2835 B/B TURBO up for sale. Its rated at 400ps. £800
  20. A

    octane booster?

    well all the irish lads will know what im on about,have to use it but which is best?or what do you use,,im putting in millers 2point octane,,,can you recomend a better one???