1. JDM_virgin

    how much power can an SR20 block handle

    Exactly the question above however i dont mean on stock internals. My question that I cannot find the answer is how far can you push the block casting itself when you have fully forged internals, head bolts and all that stuff. For example the new focus RS the blocks start to crack at around...
  2. S

    Diff swap questions

    So here's the deal I'm looking to put a lsd in my 1999 spec-s. From my resurch I believe it currently has a open diff system. So my question is will I have to change the whole diff housing or can I still just drop in the gear box and go?

    Silvia S15 parts Of QONAGO

    Hi there, we are selling very good condition S15 seats set ( front + rear). Site: Nissan Silvia S15 JDM Front Left Right & Rear Seats set OEM There is more parts for this vehicle. For any question please just let us. Regards, QONAGO
  4. J

    Scraping Noise from front passenger side

    When out driving yesterday I noticed I could hear a scraping sound coming from my front passenger side wheel, this noise disappears under braking but starts again as I come off the brake. I really do apologise if this is a silly question but would that suggest that the rota needs replacing? The...
  5. C

    Body kits and bits

    Bit of a noob question, but as someone took a hammer to my car over the weekend (parked in a dodgy area) i now have to respray the whole car and am looking at changing the front bumper and putting on vented wings, as well as pulling out the rear arches for my enormous new wheels i will be...
  6. Badger0068

    S14 downpipe/cat/elbow fit S15?

    Hi guys, New to s15s and the forum so sorry if this question has been asked a million times before. I've done a search and can't find a definitive answer to my question. I have recently bought an S15 Spec S and am about to start dropping my Redtop SR20DET out of my S13 into it. On the S13 I...
  7. L

    Solid shift bush install question

    Hi guys, I got this far into fitting my brass shift bush the other day and couldn't get any further. Is this the seal/gaiter that needs to be cut to be removed? Also I'll be changing my gearbox oil at the same time so once the shifter is out I can fill it up from where the shifter goes...
  8. L

    blowing exhaust...turbo/manifold area.

    Well finally got the time to have a look at my blowing exhaust as the job has been pushed to the bottom of the list again, I started stripping it down today so I could get a better look and it looks as though its blowing from the manifold to cylinder head gasket so my first question
  9. UncleDan

    Legit sites to purchase parts?

    Hey guys, So I'm having an on going search looking for new oem parts for my S15. I'm from the U.S so buying locally is out of the question unless I find interchangeable parts from U.S z32's, GTR32/33s, and U.S S14's which is what I have been doing to save an arm and an a leg especially in...
  10. R

    Water Temp Question

    Hello, first post and hope it will be my last. I have a 1987 s-15, one owner, 142,000 miles, 2.8l V6 with automatic transmission. I just got this truck this past week and had been driving an 92 S-10 with same motor in it, only 5 speed manual transmission. My question is on my 92 chevy the temp...
  11. R

    Autobahn fmic install

    Spent near enough all day trying to follow the worst set of instructions I've ever tried to read in my life. If you buy an autobahn 88, I hope you don't need instructions. I eventually got the intercooler fitted but have a few issues to work out and hoping someone might have the answers...
  12. Parky

    Very noddy oil level question

    Question is; oil level is just on the L on the dipstick. How much oil do I need to put in to fill it up to the H mark? Don't want to overfill it is all!
  13. S15_SAM

    Cheap nissan parts

    So I've made a new friend recently who works for Nissan in Latvia. As an example of the cheapness of genuine nissan parts, he can get complete front wheel bearings with hub, studs, abs ring etc for £125. Now considering the uk charge £400 its a massive saving. My question to you guys is what...
  14. Burnsy

    Another brake question!

    Another question for you lads. What brakes are these??? Whoever says Brembo gets a slap! Just wondering what they are from? Want to know because I need new discs and pads. What would be the 'matching rear calipers' Cheers
  15. B

    Air Flow Meter question

    Possibly a dumb question but anyway.... Are the AFMs the exact same on the spec S and spec R or are they different? Are the codes different etc.
  16. JDM_virgin

    Walbro fuel pump question

    Just a quick question, does the walbro 255 fuel pump come with a new sender unit or do you need to use the oem one. One of the many electrical niggles I have is my fuel gauge is sitting rock bottom in the red and the light is on but the tank is brimmed. I think when I had a few jack plugs...
  17. S15AK

    Importing parts question?

    Hi Guys I need to get hold of an S15 coilpack harness loom. Now Nissan UK have 3 week lead time and cost £82 + VAT. I can get the same part for about £70-90 from Oz or Japan. So my question is around import tax, from experience would I be best ordering from Oz or Japan to try and avoid...
  18. Jordan

    Rocker cover baffle question / powder coat question

    Lads, going to get my rocker cover powdercoated and wondered if I need to remove the riveted baffles from the underneath of the cover? one of the, has a plastic oil outlet which I believe will get melted to all **** when in the oven. advice please lads! I know some of you have had your...

    Interior question

    Has anyone ever taken the covers off their seats? Mine are damp/ mouldy and I need to get them off. So far it looks like a ballache!!! All these metal clips look like a pain to get off and on again Help?
  20. P

    How many Nissan Silvia S15 were made?

    My generell question is :) How many Nissan Silvia S15 were made?