1. S

    Would you buy from SVA Imports?

    Hiya guys, i've found a nice S15 that i could potentially be buying, it is from SVA Imports ( ) The car looks really well maintained on the photos & looks in immaculate condition, i've read a few horror stories...
  2. L

    Looking to buy..

    Hi all Just thought I'd introduce myself! Name is Laurence and I'm from Watford, UK. Looking to get a S15 Spec R in the coming weeks.. Spent ages looking at importing and came very close a couple of times to going for it but I've found a couple fresh imports for sale recently that look like...
  3. JDM_virgin

    2009 Scrappage scheme fatalaties- Read it and weep I down loaded the full excel sheet of all the cars scrapped and it made for some grim reading as there were a few hidden gems in there :'( these include: Mazda rx7 3x nissan Skyline Bmw 2002 5x nissan silvia (old ones i assume) lancia...
  4. Parky

    So what does this do then?

    Never really paid much attention to this switch but it has been bugging me the last few days as I can't figure out what it does. Had a read of the ADM manual and it isn't mentioned in there so I assume it's a JDM thing. The switch with the orange light on..
  5. A

    Bumper fiberglass reinforcment

    Hi, my front bumper is a fiberglass aero copy & its looking a bit weak, its got paint cracks etc. Can anyone give me some pointers or give a link to a guide on how to make it more rigid, Ive read extra fiberglass & expanding foam is the way to go but where do you need to add the strength. Thanks.
  6. S

    Red S15 Yeovil, Today 15:40 ish

    Couldn't see a plate but, Red debadged boot? Practically followed you from Kfc roundabout to the toose. If I wasnt bursting for a leak id have pulled in to say hi. Edit should read RED not Ref.
  7. JDM_virgin

    Injector Upgrade R33's?

    i have read a lot of talk on here and SXOC forums about the need to upgrade the injectors if running 300+hp and over 1.1 1.2 bar of boost. most seem to upgrade to the nismo injectors or SARD injectors. i cant remember where but im sure i read that the R33 skyline injectors are a suitable upgrade...
  8. S

    Boost Leak?

    I don't seem to have any boost at all. Keeping an eye on the boost guage it goes to nearly 0 but doesn't make any boost at all. My question is would a boost leak cause this? I would have thought I'd see some boost but to see none at all would suggest a gaping hole somewhere. I have had a look...
  9. JaseYpk

    Nurburgring Closing Forever!?

    Have a read:
  10. meddler

    Forum Rules (ALL FORUM USERS READ)

    All, It seems it has come time again to remind everyone about the forum rules, including the 'for sale' rules. I have tried being nice about it, I have tried reminding people politely about them, but it seems that some people are either ignorant or just plain stupid. Let me spell it out for...
  11. Aurora61

    motor/engine mounts recommendation

    im looking to replace the motor mounts, but seeing how my s15 is a daily driver, i prefer not to have excessive rattling at idle. That being said, i dont need the mounts to be completely rattle-free (aka i dont want oem mounts). Im aware that nismo mounts probably meet this description, but...
  12. DeanS15

    White kitted s15 weathers on sea

    White kitted s15 westgate on sea Spotted this morning, Looked nice. one of very few I've ever seen round this way... Should read westgate on sea, iPhone predictive text grrrr
  13. S

    A well written car sale advert ;)

    Worth a read, looks like a lot of effort went into this.
  14. JaseYpk

    Best eBay Advert EVER! (You MUST see it!)

    I wont spoil it for you, but check this link, and read the 'reason for sale'. Absolutely brilliant! Also, check out the questions that people have put up and the bids! haha EDIT - advert has now been removed by eBay, i saved a hard copy on my laptop if...
  15. meddler

    Amendment to Forum Rules

    All, There has been an amendment to the For Sale rules. Please read the rules (including the Forum rules) to make yourself familiar with the changes. If you have to ask what the change is, then you haven't read them before. You should at least have a fair idea of what is in the rules. It is...
  16. JaseYpk

    Brake Fluid - DOT 5.1?

    Howdy! So i'm sure i read somewhere that DOT 5.1 is recommended for fast road, but i just read up that it is NOT recommended and has significant disadvantages (not listed). Can anyone expand on this/recommend brake fluid 'DOT' (3/4/5.1) Also, how much brake fluid does the S15 take? (roughly)...
  17. richy200

    Open Event: Awesomefest

    Awsomefest tickets are online guys. If you don;t know anything about it i suggest you have a read :) It should be epic!
  18. ChrisKnottIns

    Guess which car club forum features in our new online magazine

    For the answer, check out this quarter’s edition of Cover Story - our FREE interactive magazine at Cover Story is a quick read, packed with car news and information from around the UK, PLUS insider hints and tips from the club’s...
  19. T

    Hi People

    Hi People, I'm potentially looking to replace my Mazda RX8 for either a Silvia S15 Spec R (or right Spec S) or a Toyota Supra TT. I've finally got to the stage where I can insure these cars for under a £1000 so the hunt is on! I would prefer a part ex or a swap as I can't really be without a...
  20. T

    BZZZZZ Boost Solinoid

    Recently fitted a Gizzmo Boost controller, It works great, but when I turn the ignition on the boost solinoid makes a very loud BUZZZ noise. Any idea why this is I have read somewhere the ABS unit can do it, but when I unplug the valve it stops... Thanks all!