1. bigk20

    FS: For sale bride zeta 3 and passenger s15 seat

    I have just got new bucket seats so these are up for sale Bride zeta 3 in black with sparkle back Comes with back protector and small bride cushion. It is in pretty mint condition no marking to the back or the seats and no rips or real signs of wear to the front It came out of the s15 I had...
  2. cviesins

    Real Recaro?

    Been looking for this seat for awhile for my Spec R. Anyone know if this is a real Recaro SPG-N? Thanks
  3. R

    WTB: Stock R/Bumper

    must be real cheap or free please as i plan to chop it up!!!.... 07817028470 thanks
  4. Jordan

    Are these legit or replicas?

    Lads, Sorry for the noob question, i'm sure these are too good to be true price-wise and therefore probably dodgy fakes, but they look like the real thing? Advice please! Would love some low max's...
  5. S

    Aus owners check in!

    was lookin to purchase these dark tinted led lights for the s15 but i heard in AUS they defect you for the real dark ones? links below
  6. 70YSR

    WTB: Genuine bonnet S badge

    Hey guys, if anone is wrecking a jdm s15 or has a spare genuine 's bolt' badge can you send me a msg. i've tried the cheap ebay ones but they seem to peel so i want a real one.
  7. pegliobaglio

    real or fake defi????

    Hi guys, I know quite afew of you on here have defi gauges in your car so I thought someone may be able to help me,as the title suggests I am not sure the gauge I have bought is a genuine defi bf link meter gauge,I was sold it as the genuine article but certain things do not add up ,like on the...
  8. zml

    how to distinguish harness?

    can anyone tell me which one is the real and fake one? obviously i know which one is real and fake but there many people think they have the genuine one. so i really want them can tell me which one they have and they say is genuine one. i will never say the genuine one will be 100% safe and...
  9. B

    Black s15, killiney, ireland

    Anyone on here? looked real well.
  10. Roots82

    Smoothed Aero Front??

    Hey, I had a play with some pictures i recently took, and decided to smooth off the number plate and surround.... I think it looks awesome! has anyone every done this for real? i swear i saw a post on here ages ago but never saw the final result!? any way the picture :thumbs:

    Help me out with manifolds/elbows

    hey guys, My friend is staying in Japan next month so you know what that means...JDM goodies for me!:smitten: So I've been looking into turbo manifolds and I've got a question. Is there any real reason to buy the more expensive HKS, Trust, JIC manifolds over the Tomei one? I have not heard any...
  12. D

    WTB: Nissan Almera Gti!

    Have been lookin for one off these the last few days so could anyone in the uk keep an eye out for me im lookin for a real clean one 98-99 with average to small milage and no rust. Cheers lads!:nod: 00353871343093.
  13. S

    Fuel guage & Rev counter not working!

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? Since collecting my car from an importer who shall remain nameless :censored:, the rev counter and fuel gauge have never worked. Said Importer :censored: suggested that I sent the clock set back to the electronics place to get the whole lot re-mapped...
  14. JEZ 8553

    Live For Speed

    So, does anyone on here play LFS on PC ? If so add me as a buddy... jezperks For anyone that hasnt heard of this game its the most realistic racing/drifting sim out there, making a mockery of Forza and the Gran Tursimo series. Unfortunately they dont have a license for real cars but this...
  15. W

    NZ newbie

    Hi guys. My names Andrew and just came across this forum and its real real good :) Im from Auckland, New Zealand and have just purchased a S15 spec R manual about 1 month ago. When I got it, it was relativly stock with just 17" work TE37's and a catback exhasut. I have now done a 3" front pipe...
  16. M

    WTB: looking to buy a s15 sper R

    hello there, i am just new to this,:wave: i have been looking to buy a real nice s15 for the past few months now, it must be a spe r, as i want a turbo. if anybody out there as anything in that line could you give me a shout, my mobile is 07762028115, or email me, i am not a tire kicker i have...
  17. D

    FS: S15 cat back exhaust

    From my S15 (funnily enough :D ). It's a Cat back exhaust. Not sure what make, maybe HKS but not sure. Real nice quality, really nice sound, JASMA certified so not crazy loud. It looks like it was repaired around the middle flange in Japan (you can't see this bit ), and when it came over to...
  18. S

    real opel !