1. D

    S15 Steernig Wheel Part Numbers

    Hi all. Does someone out there know the physical differences between the part numbers of these steering wheels? 48430-85F00 - I know this is leather trim, is it red stitching? 48430-85F01 - I don't know, is this leather too? Stitching colour? 48430-85F10 - I know this is the plastic one...
  2. Lil SpecR

    FS: Recaro dc2 seats in red. Pair with rails.

    **deposit received** Heads up that these seats as fitted in my car are now up for sale. Photos below... Red, good condition (sold to me with one cigarette burn in a discrete area and a small Nick on the back of the other seat) with rails included to bolt directly into your S15! Pick up from...
  3. dave_t

    FS: BRIDE Zeta III - GENUINE - Red - Glitter Back

    Item For Sale: I have my Genuine BRIDE Zeta III - Red - Glitter Back for sale. Reason For Sale: I had a lovely matching pair in my S15, and held on to this one for my next car after i sold the S15, but i am yet to buy anything tasty so i'll offer it up for sale. Pics fitted to the S15...
  4. Lil SpecR

    Lil EJ's Lil Spec R Aero - "Yuki"

    Hello! So, a quick intro - I'm Esta (EJ) and I live in Stoke on Trent. I am now the proud owner of this lovely S15 Spec R Aero! (I've named her Yuki) Ive always loved 90s Jap cars and a few years ago I purchased a Mitsi FTO GPX for my daily driver. Unfortunately my commute went from 80 to 180...
  5. vinnie

    FS: Work Emotion 18" D9R brand new

    My new rims up for sale Price is £1050but open too offers There custom fit and brand new, sizes are 18 x 9.5 & 18 x 10.5 in black Will include RED centre flat caps
  6. mattyjp

    FS: Red S15 Spec R for sale in Somerset

    sold After avoiding putting this up for quite a while its time to sell as i don't have time for it anymore due to becoming a dad, car will be at japfest on the s15oc stand for anyone that wants to see. £10995 ono general: 2001 s15 spec R 78000 miles this will increase im the first private...
  7. Surfing Boris

    Volk Racing TE37

    I really want a set of 18 inch TE37 alloys but all I can find in the UK are the bronze, white, or shades of grey. Does anyone in the UK stock the red, purple or neo chrome (oil slick style) options? Or does anyone know a UK website that I can order them through? Cheers
  8. M

    Back with a new car so thought I'd open a new account

    Hi all, my old account was deleted for some reason but as I've just bought another S15, I thought I'd rejoin. My first one was a red Spec S that I converted to SR20DET a few years ago, had a couple of others in between and last night a couple of mates went to Chrisyboi's place to collect S15 FTW...
  9. tooley

    Silver S15 Coventry A46 Whitley end.

    Drove past me when i was in a red jaguar prototype. Not seen this one before. Whos is it?
  10. Jaydej

    Pictures of ksports

    Hey people can you guys post some picture of your s15 with ksports, I'm torn between getting red (6-8 week) or get black which I can get ASAP
  11. Jaydej

    Red s15 outside EMP st.albans

    Lovely looking!
  12. C

    FS: A pair of red Recaro speeds with bride super low rails.

    Selling the seats out my car to put it back to standard. A pair of red recaros out of a dc2, come with bride superlow rails. No rips or tears although one burn on the passenger right hand bolster. Bolsters a sweet on both seats, could do with a steam clean (I will if I get chance). Pictures...
  13. R

    South wales red s15

    S Reg, Parked in Argoed Today Red Standard Rear Lights Gold Alloys Spoiler Rear Tints Friend of mine spotted the car, was wondering if its anyone on here. :)
  14. K

    WTB: WTB nismo old fashion red cigarette lighter

    Like what the tittle say, I'm looking for a nismo old fashion red cigarette lighter.
  15. S

    Red S15 Yeovil, Today 15:40 ish

    Couldn't see a plate but, Red debadged boot? Practically followed you from Kfc roundabout to the toose. If I wasnt bursting for a leak id have pulled in to say hi. Edit should read RED not Ref.
  16. M

    WTB: S15 Air vents , not the round ones, but the square's

    Does some one got these ? And are able so ship them to Norway . Thank you The vents marked red.
  17. S15_SAM

    FS: 2001 Vauxhall Astra 1.6 8 valve club, A/C, electrics MOT and TAX £300

    Any one interested in a cheap runabout, it's a one owner car, just got traded in at work! It's done 160,000 miles but runs and sounds good! MOT til February 2013 (had new brake lines last year) tax end of january It comes in faded red, with proper red bumpers! Lol. Its not mint but for...
  18. Cris69

    FS: Clear aftermarket lights!!

    Really don't like the look of these lights :( 3 round pod type... so looking for a swap for a standard set or red and clear type!! Will post pics later
  19. J

    Help please !

    Hello I hope that I could get some help, My s15 started getting hot it got to nearly red slight steam from rad but reserve bottle was boiling. I had to put 2 litres of water in it after but oil seems to be at same Level so don't think its mixing, it seem to have pressure in rad and the top of...
  20. N

    Excuse the bright red wheels!

    here she is..... No idea what kit is has at all... and i dont even wanna know about the wheels!