1. S

    ABS problem

    when hard braking the brake peddle becomes really soft as if abs is about to engage but then the wheels lock up like abs doesnt even exist. i have no abs light, not sure if the bulb has been removed or is blown.
  2. mixvariety

    FS: Clearout - Bride, S15/S Body Parts, Coilovers, Nismo LMGT4's, Tyres and more goodies!

    Due to lack of space, and needing to recoup some funds on my project, I need to have a garage clearout. All prices are collected unless otherwise stated, but postage can possibly be arranged for some stuff. Genuine Bride Ergo seat Good overall condition, definitely better than most I see...
  3. sniffy

    Replacement Vin plate

    Hi, Has anyone ever got a repalcement vin plate that goes on the firewall up by the brake booster ? Mine was removed for an engine respray and got lost by the painter.
  4. L

    FS: S15 spec r diff (83k)

    Selling my diff removed from my spec r that's covered 83k miles no wines or any issues, solely removed due to putting a welded diff in its place - I've seen these sell for £250+ but as I reused the back plate, and want a quick sale, I'll let someone have it for £200 any questions or if you...
  5. ryan3

    FS: NISMO Suspension & OEM Intercooler, CAT and camber arms

    Up for sale is my NISMO S-Tune suspension, only removed due to fitting coilovers, in good working order with a few marks and a bit of surface rust, they are fairly dirty as can be seen in the pics but I'm sure they would clean up really nicely - SOLD OEM camber arms, removed due to...
  6. Cess

    FS: 50/50 rear lights and centre console

    I've a set of 50/50 red & clear lights which I removed from my car. They are the non-LED versions. Only one very minor issue - one of the screws on the back is a bit dodgy. But you can replace this from your own units. £85 including post. Centre console, removed from my car. Usual wear...
  7. N

    FS: 1999 S15 Spec-R (Pearl White, almost completely standard)

    Edit: Removed from sale for the time being due to time wasters.
  8. Jay-pan

    FS: Parts...

    1)SR20DET engine 90k from an S14, engine with cams, 1.1mm apexi gasket,Apr head studs,sump, flywheel. was removed from my car as it had low compression (100,95,100,115) no excess oil use or water no smoke. offers collected. 2) engine mounts two sets first set were removed and are solid...
  9. J

    FS: S15 Aero spoiler, brake light removed

    Guys, S15 spoiler with brake light removed. Was bought from jib and was damaged in post. Will need repaired before painting as it split in the middle. Easy as it will need painted anyway. £100
  10. M

    FS: Rota D2EX - Work SSR style wheels 18x9.5 ET12 and 18x10 ET12 5x114.3

    I bought these to go on to my S15 but it's too tidy at the moment to go flaring arches, running wide wings or lots of camber to make them fit. They had tyres put on them, got test fitted to the car, tyres were removed, wheels have never been driven on. What are they: Rota D2EX's - Work SSR...
  11. N

    FS: Anybody interested in a few bits off my car?

    Aeroworkz front splitter for standard non aero bumper £180 Apexi rep cone filter £20 Custom 3" catback exhaust with centre silencer removed, 7" can and 5" slash cut tip £250 (not very old) Collection preferred from Staffordshire
  12. Fruitbooter

    WTB: ABS Pump

    If anyone is breaking an S15 or has removed theirs and wants to sell let me know. Cheers!
  13. S

    FS: Gloss black Corbeau side mount rails brand new never used

    as in title and Mint condition! Corbeau sign can be removed. £60 delivered for each side, driver and passenger. £90 a set new from Corbeau.
  14. CMR

    FS: Kakimoto Racing Hyper Full Mega N1 + Exhaust for Sale

    As above. I imported this from RHDJapan last summer and it cost £630 + Shipping so around £750. :wack: It has done around 6000 miles. Note, it is not the same as the old Mega N1 which was ridiculously...
  15. Jay-pan

    FS: Nismo 2.5" exhaust system and downpipe, KOYO oil cooler, Turbo lines

    Hi guys, Nismo 2.5" exhaust and down-pipe Just removed from my car is a Nismo 2.5" exhaust system with down-pipe and all shields stainless steel. This is a factory option exhaust system and has the Jasma plate on it. Great condition, backbox is still shinny no rust, just a slight scrape on...
  16. Jay-pan

    FS: Nismo GT LSD 2way.

    Hi guys, just removed what i believe is a Nismo 2way diff. Comes with new bearings and bearing rings, works spot on and very easy to kick the back end out with it. Only removed it as my S15 is an everyday car and felt it was too much effort to have Looks in great condition and works how it...
  17. S

    Bumper Removal?

    Hi guys I'm in the process of fitting my front mount intercooler and got a bit stumped on how to remove the bumper. I have removed the standard intercooler piping, under tray and arch liners. I have removed the screws from each side and the 5 push clips on top. Is that the lot? It still seems...
  18. dave_t

    S15 ABS Removal

    Iv'e found the S15 ABS system to be too intrusive, and doesnt give you great confidence under hard braking. With the K-Sport's up front and Z32/R33 rear setup i plan to fit, i'd like to remove the ABS. Have any of you guys removed the ABS on your S15's? iv'e had a look online but not found a...
  19. Jay-pan

    Removing Diff plate.

    Hi guys, Going to be removing my rear diff plate to check what 2 way i have. After i have drained the oil out and removed the rear plate do i need a new gasket,sealant? also where would the diff information be on the diff?
  20. D

    FS: Super clean Kouki s13 *awesomeness inside*

    For Sale This is my completely reshelled 200sx I built over the winter with no expense spared, only the best parts fitted! I’m putting it up for sale for a short time as I’ve found another car I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on, the second the car I’m looking at sells, the s13 will no longer...