1. L

    Replacing diff and subframe bushes

    Hi guys, Just fitted some cusco sway bars and am very happy with them but ever since I've had the car there's some knocks/clunks coming from the back end so next on my list is to replace the diff and subframe bushes. Can I replace the diff bushes without removing the subframe? Or is it best to...
  2. Jordan

    Front strut brace or no front strut brace?

    Can't seem to find a lot of info on this so here goes: I noticed some of you guys have them, some don't run them. Any reason/ preference for this? I personally think the bay looks cleaner without aesthetically, and was toying with the idea of removing mine altogether. Short of removing it and...
  3. Jay-pan

    Removing Diff plate.

    Hi guys, Going to be removing my rear diff plate to check what 2 way i have. After i have drained the oil out and removed the rear plate do i need a new gasket,sealant? also where would the diff information be on the diff?
  4. paddyb01

    battery tray

    well gays I just finished moving my battery to the boot and the fuse box in the bay inside the car, anyway im thinking of removing the tray the battery sits on, is it a case of just cutting it out? has anyone done this? paddy
  5. sliding-r

    Rear wiper got mind of it own

    My wiper seems to come on as it pleases even with it switched off on the control stalk.. Anyone else had this problem? Or know what would cause it? Thought about just removing it ad it never gets used..
  6. Aurora61

    quick question about o2 sensors (s13 vs s15)

    I just bought a dump/outlet pipe, and it came with a s13 o2 sensor(and screw adapter) screwed in. Rather than going through the hassle of removing it and swapping it for my s15 one, can i just use that o2 sensor on my s15?
  7. B

    removing the steeringwheel

    how can i remove it? did anyone have a how-to-do for it?
  8. LuPix_S15

    Rocker Cover Removal

    Hi guys :) Ok a bit of newbie in the engine block department lol so please bear with me!! :wack: I'm thinking about getting the rocker cover off and doing the 'exchange' deal with Martin @ Littleknocks cos this looks like top quality work :thumbs: However, can someone explain to me how it...
  9. S

    Steering wheel removal?

    Hi all. Just wondering if anyone could tell me how to remove the airbag steering wheel to fit an uprated one. Is it the usual sort of thing, of disconnecting the battery for bout 10-20 mins before removing the airbag, and will I have a warning light up on the dash without the airbag wheel etc...
  10. S

    Removing GT wing?

    Hello all - I would like to say that yes I did try and search on this topic but didnt find anything specifically discussing rear wing removal. ( ps I am a new starter on this forum! ) I have an s15 Spec R GT and the wing really causes a blindspot in the rear, so I was going to remove it. I...
  11. S

    Scuff marks

    Is there any way of removing scuff marks off interior panels?
  12. B

    removing the rear nissan badge.

    i know this was briefly discussed in another topic. But i was just wondering how some of you removed the badge? and just to double check that there will be no holes left behind the badge after removing it that will need filling and spraying. any ideas or tips will be appreciated. cheers...
  13. P

    Gauge mounts

    I just fitted two gauges to my s15 A pillar, an air fuel ratio and a boost. I thought I might post what it turned out like as I was very happy with the result. I looked at removing the vents but I decide I liked airflow more and I looked at the A pillar pods and I didn?t like the bulk or the...
  14. M

    Injector o Ring Part Numbers

    Can someone who has access to fast please tell me the part numbers of the large and small O rings for the the injectors? Ive got them from Apex but after some of the horror stories I have been reading I just want to make doubly sure before I start removing the intake manifold. Cheers
  15. sushiming

    question about removing the seats

    hey guys I maybe get my rails this week and would liek to know when removing the seats will i have to undo the battery at all? I was told by someone duno who that it maybe casue the Airbag to come out?? Ive got no i do know the seat belt thing is on the seat that can be removed to put...