1. T

    Not to sure

    Hi all, i want to buy a set of defo gauges to replace the air vents, any one know the perfect size gauges to get??
  2. Lil SpecR

    Manifold cracked inside ...

    As above, is this a good enough excuse to replace? ;) Also looks like it's had some re work (welding) done at some point too anyway between exits 3 and 4...
  3. sniffy

    Washer pump plugs

    Anyone ever had to replace the plugs that connect to the washer pumps ? I have got a replace ment washer bottle and pumps but the plugs for them so bad on the car they cant be used and the pumps i got off another S15 did come with plugs. Just looking to see what others did ?
  4. S

    WTB: WANTED: driver and passenger mint condition door cards.

    As above, I'm after some door cards. Mine have slight tears in so I would like to replace them with ones in near mint condition. Willing to travel a reasonable distance to collect......
  5. Unberivable

    sr20 crush washer

    Hey guys, When doing an engine oil change there's the crush washer to replace. Does it matter if it's the same sort when you replace it? The sr20 has that washer that is bent around the sides, but does it have to be that specific crush washer? Cheers
  6. A

    Replace gauges without having to replace wiring?

    I have these gauges in my car Do the newer greddy gauges fit right into the same wiring? If I got a different brand, would the sensors I have in the water & oil connect up or would I have to replace everything? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  7. L

    Replacing diff and subframe bushes

    Hi guys, Just fitted some cusco sway bars and am very happy with them but ever since I've had the car there's some knocks/clunks coming from the back end so next on my list is to replace the diff and subframe bushes. Can I replace the diff bushes without removing the subframe? Or is it best to...
  8. S

    WTB: S15 Starter Motor

    looking for s15 used/new starter motor - new zealand QUESTION: can an s13/s14 starter motor replace the s15 spec r starter motor? thanks
  9. S

    Rocker cover breathers

    Forgive me in advance - I don't know tooooo much about the SR20 yet (I'm learning!).... The rear breather (hiding in the top right corner of this photo) Is shot to hell at the bottom. At the same time the foam breather thingy in this photo is also perished. Would you just replace the...
  10. Misiek_lbn

    WTB: Rear hub+bearing, passenger side

    My old bearing is making quite loud noise, so need to replace it, anyone here got a full hub with bearing in it? willing to buy ASAP
  11. V

    Turbo coolant leak

    Hi, There had been a minor coolant leak from the car and after looking to find it we realised it was one of the solid coolant lines feeding the turbo (the ones that run under the manifold heat shield). I know it'll be a hassle to replace it with another stock pipe so I'm looking at braided ones...
  12. W

    2 way Nismo GT Pro LSD. Need help!

    Hey fellas! How's it going? New guy around here Okay so I bought myself a 2 way Nismo LSD quite a while ago(months). The kind that has selective torque lockup and all that jazz. It got here and things were looking good. Until we tried to change the torque setting on it. The instructions were...
  13. C

    Need Help With My Power Window Motor!!!!

    Can anyone help me on how to replace the power window motor???
  14. Misiek_lbn

    WTB: Passenger side headlight non xenon in good price

    As in title, I am looking for passenger side headlight, mine is a bit damaged and need to replace it. Non xenon, doesn't have to be perfect, looking for sth in good price. Cheers :thumbs:
  15. Sparky

    Aero spoiler brake light bulb

    Bulb packed in on Aero spoiler. Does the lens come off to replace the bulb, or do you have to remove the spoiler from the car to replace from the inside ?
  16. crazymat666

    what cars could possibly replace a s15??

    so obviously i have a s15 and i love it in every way possible .but if i was to get another car who has any ideas what would replace it and still keep me happy?
  17. M

    15 drive shafts same as the 14a ones

    Snapped mine yesterday just on the way home from work just after i went over a train crossing so i need to replace it but ive found a 14a one but dont know whether its the same as the orginal s15 one any ideas???
  18. pegliobaglio

    Exhaust gaskets

    Quick question, can you use any 3" exhaust gasket for our cars or do they do uprated gaskets?? I could hear my exhaust was blowing a bit , when I went to investigate it seems the bolt just before the back box has snapped :wack:so have a nice gap between the pipes, I think I am going to replace...
  19. - 0h -

    Nismo Solid Shifter

    has anyone experienced with this item before or using it in your cars? Im thinking of getting one to replace my stock the stock ones seem to make crunchy noise at certain RPMs... thanks Oh
  20. J0R04N

    Dash Light's and boost back light????

    One or more of the bulbs from the backlight on the dials have blown. Anyone know which ones i need to replace them? Possible change the colour aswel?? Also i have no backlight on my boost gauge is that normal?