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2 way Nismo GT Pro LSD. Need help!



Hey fellas! How's it going?
New guy around here

Okay so I bought myself a 2 way Nismo LSD quite a while ago(months). The kind that has selective torque lockup and all that jazz. It got here and things were looking good. Until we tried to change the torque setting on it. The instructions were in Japanese so that didn't help. well..... I think we broke the torque selector thingy :eek:
We tried emailing Nismo but it's been months and we haven't received word from them at all. So Do any of you guys know if this is fixable? Can I just replace this part, or do I have to buy a whole new diff? Also it would be appreciated if you could guide us towards someone who could maybe supply us with the part or something.

TLDR:We dun goof'd up