1. pegliobaglio

    nismo sPorts resetting ecu?

    Hey guys, There is a sticker on my engine saying sports resetting,thought someone had just got a bit happy with the sticker book lol but I was in the process of taking my interior out today and spotted on my ecu that it says nismo sports resetting on it? Now the only info I can find on this is...
  2. S

    PFC problem

    I have changed to PFC D-jetro and it doesn't work like it should.... Factory ECU runs fine btw Steps I have done There are two harness I need to hook up which I did. Disabled Boost control kit since I have Profec Corrected Injector % and latency which are 65% and 1.2ms for 740CC No sensor...
  3. Darren_S15

    ECU Resetting Itself

    For a little while now I have noticed that my trip seems to randomly reset itself every so often. Ive never seen it zero itself while Ive been driving, but when I come back to the car I notice it every so often that its back to zero. I can only assume that the ECU is resetting for some reason...
  4. J

    Car will not start.

    Hello, The engine turns over in a healthy manner (i.e. battery is fine), but there appears to be no spark. What's confusing is i had already driven the car on the day it first failed to start. A journey where i'd stopped and started it several times. I have a Sigma alarm system and i have my...