1. G

    rev limiter/speed limiter

    hey lads, did a lot of drivin over the weekend so hit the speed limiter a lot:D, just wonderin is it dangerous to hit the speed limiter at 180k even if your revs are only round 5500k? i know you wudnt want to be bouncin the S15 off the rev limiter too often but is it the same with the speed...
  2. G

    SR20DE Spec S engine

    hey lads, jus wonderin how hard can the non turbo engine be pushed. can it be pushed to 7000 revs in every gear without encountering any problems? i presume there is a rev limiter at 7000rpm as ive encountered with my previous japs. and are there any issues with the non turbo engine?
  3. moomin

    nissan rev counter pod

    i have a nissan rev counter pod on my dash, (it came with the car) i dont know if anyone else has one??? i can get pics if it will help, anyhoo, its a minor problem, but its bugging me, the red shift light flashes at 3000 revs, which is fine, until i hit 6th gear on the motorway, and it...
  4. LuPix_S15

    Hyper Rev

    Just been looking through some bits and bobs on Japan Parts. Came across the section selling Hyper Rev magazines. I did try to source these from Hyper Rev USA a few months back but they were awkward about how to make payments from outside of the US - didn't have an online CC system?! I've...
  5. Nicely

    My longstanding boost surge mystery...

    Do you think this could just possibly be the cause of my boost surging and low rev overfuelling? :p Its the turbo intake BTW...
  6. M

    Rolling Roaded The Car Today

    Had the car on the rollers today and to be honest the car made less than I was expecting. I made 267bhp (234 @ the wheels) and 323lb ft of torque. It is I think however running way way too rich higher up the rev range, judging by the fact my injectors peaked at 100% duty. So as I allready knew...