1. H

    S15 Spec S (with added DET) EML issues

    have had a few issues with my Spec S to DET conversion.....any thoughts welcomed: Ive just completed an S14a engine, box, ECU (no NATS) custom S14a/S15 loom etc into an S15 and i have a few issues I'm hoping someone can shed some light on or suggest courses of action. fired up today for...
  2. S

    Car wont rev over 6000rpm under load

    Having a niggly problem with my s15 where I cant get over 6k rpm under load. Car gets to around 6k then misfires/feels like it hitting limiter. It then wont rev up for a few seconds after. Any ideas? I've gapped plugs to 0.7mm, tried different coilpacks, checked for boost leaks etc. Going to...
  3. P

    Rev limiter doesn't seem to be working right

    I swapped a stock s15 sr20 into my s13. Stock swap minus front mount, exhaust, etc... Drives great and I was able to beat on it just fine during a couple drift events last year. I haven't really gotten to beat on it at all this year. The other day I got on it and when the tires broke loose, the...
  4. Nissan_S15

    Is it ok to rev S15 Spec S in neutral to 3000-4000rpm? (This was for testing)

    Hey guys, Just a real quick one, had some issues with a scraping noise at the back of the S15 the other day, which I believe is now the brakes. But for testing purposes, I put the car in neutral and revved up to just under 4000rpm as to make sure the noise was definetely when moving. Is this...
  5. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    anyone good with apexi power fc?

    I've got a apexi power fc in my new car best thing i've ever had haha. love playing with the rev limiter anyone know a bit about them? got a few questions
  6. Havoc

    Boost or fuel issue?

    Right guys, car is driving a bit funny and I don't know what to put it down to... Basically 2 faults and not sure if there connected or not as quite a bit of work has been done to the car, 1st of whilst accelerating hard and taking the revs through the range at high rpm in low gears it feels...
  7. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    My rev limiter

    yea its runny rich too much fuel but sounds sick this is rev limiter tuned into my g3 ecu
  8. Tony

    rev sensor,...!???

    Hi guys. dont know how to explain, but when my engine is pretty warm.. and I start It. It revs up, and then goes down to 900rpm..Is there any sensor that I can remove??,, dont want It to rev up everytime.... especially when the engine is cold and It revs pretty much!! hope you understand what i...
  9. holzkreuz

    WTB: Seat Rails LH & RH

    Hey there, im looking for a set of seat rails to mount my new Sparco Rev Bucket Seats.
  10. L

    Engine problem

    Last night I developed some weird noise from under the bonnet? It kicks in at about 2500-3000 rpm and carries on throughout. If I fully rev it, when I lift off there is a high pitched squeal. Hoping that It's not a big issue anyone got any ideas?
  11. LuPix_S15

    Bee*R Limiter

    Ok I've been reading up on this recently... I'd like a limiter kit that I can install and slightly drop the rev limit on drift days etc. Is this possible since I don't have stock ECU and instead have Apexi PFC with it's own rev limit set? Will the Bee*R unit allow me to drop the rev limit...
  12. crazymat666

    Grinding when warm :s

    Here's the situation people when I start the car for the first time of the day it doesn't do it after being driven and warmed up I turn it off then back on put it in any gear put the clutch down rev it up and I get a grinding noise but only on the 1st rev then it wont do it till i repeat the...
  13. S

    Hitting Rev Limiter / Fuel Cut at 4500rpm

    Hey guys, Wonder if I could pick your brains?? I have bought my first S15 so please be gentle! Its an SR20DET, has a full exhaust, fmic, electronic boost controller, uprated fuel pump (not sure what injectors yet - not had time to check). Now, when its stationary it revs freely, but when I...
  14. U

    HKS EVC-S okay? something else better?

    Looking to get an electronic boost controller, and not sure what to go for. I like the clean modern look of the EVC-S, does anyone have any experience with them - do they function okay / any problems? I'm also wondering, is there any benefit to the higher $$ units (AVC-R, EVC-VI, etc) that let...
  15. sushiming

    FS: Hyper Rev Silvia books 68, 85. 102

    Hyper Rev Silvia books 68, 85. 102 £15 each i will post these postage £4 each taster of what these books are
  16. H


    Hi guys im hoping someone can help me i have noticed recently when i start the s15 the is like a rattle noise coming from under the rocker cover and when i put it in gear and rev the car just little it goes if i just rev the car out of gear it wont go,it only happens if the car is parked up a...
  17. S

    Fuel guage & Rev counter not working!

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? Since collecting my car from an importer who shall remain nameless :censored:, the rev counter and fuel gauge have never worked. Said Importer :censored: suggested that I sent the clock set back to the electronics place to get the whole lot re-mapped...
  18. Feast Japan

    Time Attack: Rev Speed @ Tsukuba

    Rev Speed time attack event was today at Tsukuba and I visited with a few friends. Out of the whole field, 4 cars were invited from over seas. One from Aus (hi-Octane) and Thre teams from the UK (Sumo, Zen Speed & Fensport). Was very interesting to see this mix of foreign elements with in a...
  19. S15RKM

    Speedo & Rev Counter Needle Drops??

    A couple of times recently my trip distance counter has reset itself to 0, just by chance on my way back from Flame & Thunder it did it again but I noticed that the speedo and rev counter needles dropped then came back again.It does not seem to do any damage or anything other than reset the...
  20. B

    Car won't rev past 4,500 in any form? Advice please

    Have just brought back a S15 from the port after the sva. Car drove home with no problems, But will not go past 4,500 revs in any gear and acts like it's hitting the rev limiter. If I park the car up and rev to that limit the same problem exists. I can drive to the speed limiter of 112mph...