1. T

    KW Variant 3 on S15

    Hello! I've been searching the internet for quite some time now, but haven't found much useful info on KW V3 coilovers installed on an S-Chassis, regarding wheel to coilover clearance, height drop, top hats etc? Has anyone tried the V3's on their S15 or generally any s-chassis car or knows...
  2. C

    What are people's thoughts on this S15 to buy?

    Keeping an eye on things as I'm waiting for my Subaru to sell. What do people think of this? Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R 83,000 miles *Recent Service* | eBay Do they all ride that high standard? Is that the best spec as it's the roller bearing turbo? Thanks, Chris
  3. Carta

    Softer suspension

    Hey guys! Just a quick one, I run CST coilovers and I am finding that they are too harsh to use every day. Im wondering what would be my best bet to change to to improve the ride quality. My car isnt stupidly low so thats not an issue Thanks
  4. C

    Improving ride quality with coilovers

    My S15 came from Japan where it was a track car with HKS Hipermax III Sport coilovers. On Scottish roads they are extremely bumpy and crashy and they do not cope with any kind of uneven road surface well let alone enormous pot holes and such. At the moment the spring pre load seems to be at the...
  5. kimi

    my new ride

    As a few of you know, i had to sell my beloved s15 due to illness :cry: my other ride a DC5 had to go to :annoyed: so i thought i'd introduce my new replacement ride........"say hello to Daisy Juke" its a 1.6 Turbo 190bhp, full leather interior heated seats, and enough gadgets to blow my...
  6. spoonman

    Fix idea for high speed tracking

    Can i please have your ideas for high speed tracking. I have had to put my car back up to its certified ride height, dam NZ certs. I realigned it to suit whiteline touring setting, as i did not want to camber wear tires too much. (front : camber -1.0 / caster +7.5 / toe 0.0 rear : -1.2 /...
  7. Darren_S15

    Darrens New Toy...

    As some of you will know I've started getting into Bikes in recent years and finally got my full license at the end of last year. Having sold my CBR125 last month, I put down a deposit on a Yamaha FZ6N two weeks ago and finally picked her up yesterday. Had a 175 mile ride to get her home...
  8. P

    Ride height+coilovers - need info!!

    Hi, my s15 which I have had for nearly a year came with Cusco Zero 1 coilovers. I would like to establish how the ride height is set relative to standard. The cusco spec sheet says that these can drop ride height between 0 and -75 front /-65 rear. But I have no idea now what standard ride height...
  9. B

    Hey guys - from Gold Coast Australia

    Hey Hey, Sweet! I'm not the only one obssessed by S15's! Recently bought my current ADM S15 which is the second one I've owned . I'll post some pics in members ride.
  10. Mange

    Hey from Sweden #2

    Saw that antoher swedish guys just introduced himself, so I thought I might do the same. My name is Magnus Rydberg, I'm 21 years old and a proud S15 owner since a month. My S15 is fairly standard. It has a FMIC, 3" exhaust and a chip of some kind. I havent got huge plans for it but I suppose...
  11. A

    Hi, s15 from Australia -)

    :wave: HI! Im from Melbourne! Thought id join and contribute to this forum. Im originally from Bosnia, live in Australia. Here few pix of my ride:
  12. T

    My 2001 S15 Spec R

    here are some pics of my new ride.
  13. B

    Hi All, from Malaysia

    Billy 20 Hi All, I am from Malaysia and own as Spec R and would like to join the club. Will upload photos of my Ride soon.
  14. M

    HELLO ! S15 owner from SYDNEY

    gday guys, i accidentally stumbled upon this great forum of yours whilst google'ing some parts so here i am . names DAVE and i drive a 2000 model jap spec s15 and im from sydney. im on various forums too but since i on a s15 i guess i feel the love here =). ill post pics of my ride in the...
  15. 4

    my other ride

    hey all i just thought id shar a couple of pics of my other ride :) its a civic yay lol it was a faided milano reddy pink colour that i was bored of so i thought id do somthing abit differant. :cool: i did all the work myself tooo. ooo i got new wheels now too and i taken the back yard special...
  16. J

    Nice to meet you all

    Hey Everyone :wave: My name is Matt and I'm from Sydney, Australia. I own a 1999 S15 Silvia that has a endless list of mods and seems to just keep adding to it non stop haha. Click on the link below to the Members Ride section where I have a full write up of it...
  17. N

    New user from australia

    Hey guys new on here though i would say hi, have a 99 JDM s15 we just imported from japan. specs and pics in members ride area http://forum.s15oc.com/showthread.php?6361-99%60-jdm-s15 Thanks
  18. D

    sydney aussie

    hey just listed and from south sydney new ride a s15 2001 spec r gt 63000km's
  19. J

    Another Aussie here :)

    Hi Guys Names Melvin and i drive a lightning yellow 1999 JDM Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R and im from Australia, Brendan told me about the site and now i got another website to bookmark for work :) I Will get a members ride up asap.
  20. Y

    Hows all the people

    hello all. Killian my name from ireland currently living in galway. been on the site a month r so taught bout time i uploaded a few pics of me ride. S15 r starting to appear in ireland a bit now, We others out there with good taste.