1. S

    Recommended Brake Pads for fast road use

    Hi all, been trying to nail down the best brake pad options over the weekend. after a low-dust pad that doesn't really require warming up to be useful (like i hear the EBC yellowstuffs do) as i use my car daily for commuting too. greenstuffs appear to fit the bill but ive also come across a...
  2. Sandor_

    Alignment parts

    Might was answered before, but couldnt find the right thread. So I m looking to lower the car by around 25mm . What alignment arms are a must have? The coilover going to be driftworks cs2 so it has caster and camber adjustment up front. The car is used for street\daily\sometimes fast road. Can...
  3. subzero

    Thoughts on Air ride / Air bag suspension on silvias ?

    Ive always liked the idea of it for everyday/weekend road use (ie not track obviously) but wondered if the performance is actually there. I dont really need rock hard suspension for the road but at the same time dont want super soft bouncy suspension either. My suspension is getting near the...
  4. H

    FS: S15 Varietta Blue

    Just arrived 2 December in Amsterdam. My S15 Varietta automatic transmission after 2 months waiting. Due to family expansion reconsiderd with the wife.. and we bought a Volvo XC90 T8. So mine is for sale.. import tax netherlands paid. car is not road legal yet. Cars runs fine ! automatic roof...
  5. M

    WTB: Wanted S15 passenger and steering wheel airbags

    As above a mate is putting an s15 back on the road an is looking for both airbags.
  6. M

    FS: Wanted S15 passenger and steering wheel airbags

    As above a mate is putting an s15 back on the road an is looking for both airbags.
  7. D

    Drka's Red Spec-R S15

    Another new car another new forum so better start a thread, How did I end up with a Jap car!!! Always loved how these look but never thought I would own one. Traveled down to Birmingham yesterday and picked up my new S15. It's maybe the cleanest S15 I have ever seen engine bay is immaculate as...
  8. oilman

    Philips ColorVision H7 & H4 bulbs now available

    Just over a year ago we announced the addition of Osram and Philips bulbs to the ever growing list of products available at These have proved very popular so we thought we would extend the range by adding Philips ColorVision headlight bulbs. Available as H4 and H7 fitments...
  9. A

    White S15 - Uxbridge

    02/09/14 - Tuesday You were heading into Uxbridge from Iver Heath on St. John's Road.
  10. S

    FS: Apex Gen2 Fast road coilvers 6/5 spring rates

    HI, Selling a set of S14/15 Apex Gen2 Fast road coilovers. Spring rates are 6/5Kg. for more information on them please look here: They are mint...
  11. S

    moved from my sx to a silvia

    Hi all Decided to make the jump to a s15 been a avid sx owner for 9 years but have decided it's time to change. Going to be breaking my s14 :'( but so happy to be back in as body as my s14 been of the road more than on. Hopefully the bad luck will go now. Here's my new love
  12. Chriscooke

    Meet: Invite from SXOC - Rolling Road day in plymouth

    Hi guys. The sxoc would like to invite any locals to our rolling road day in plymouth. Some details below Rolling Road day at Enginetuner (Alan Jeffery's) August 10th, 11am start. Full 4wd DynoDynamics Rolling road - If needed. 2x Runs or "as many as it takes to be sure of a good figure"...
  13. J

    £99.00 Hydraulic Handbrake for Road, Race and Drift! Stainless Steel Handle!

    Hey guys, **NEW AND IMPROVED 2013 DESIGN** Here we have in stock our Hydraulic Handbrake's for Road, Race and Drift now with our upgraded Stainless Steel Handle to fit all 200sx models. Hydraulic Handbrake for Road, Race and Drift. This hydraulic handbrake is ideal for road, race...
  14. tooley

    Grey s15 carbon bonnet m50

    Just passed me opposite side of road! I was in my white stagea. Was if you jase?
  15. H

    WTB: Front Driver/Neaside Headlight

    I know these are really hard to come by but i really need a driverside /nearside headlight. Had an accident at the weekend an really need this to get back on the road :S Can anyone help, really dont wana spend £300 on a new one from nissan!!
  16. B

    WTB: Near side S15 headlamp wanted

    Hi, has anyone got a N/S marked L on rear headlamp (I assume for Left Hand) either hid or non hid. anything considered, just want to get it on the road for summer (if we have one) many thanks
  17. Chriscooke

    Open Event: Sxoc rolling road day. June 9th Plymouth

    Hi guys, hope this is allowed, please feel free to delete if it isn't. If any of you guys from the south west fancy joining the Sxoc for a rolling road day at Alan Jeffries in Plymouth on the 9th of June you are more than welcome :) The cost is £30 for non Sxoc members and that includes 2x...
  18. H

    Suspension options?

    Hi Guys, I've got a quick question - at the moment I've got some Nismo S-Tune suspension and am wanting the car to sit more flush and have more adjustability. What options have I got as far as road driving is concerned (I don't want it too stiff as I live in Surrey where the roads are...
  19. dave_t

    Hesitation When on Boost?

    Since i collected my, standard engine wise, S15 from Liverpool docks, it has started, idled, and rev'd perfectly fine. Being as it hasn't been road legal, the only 'test drive' i have managed to do is to the top of my road and back :rotfl: This is where i noticed, when it comes on boost it...