1. M

    AFR lean out at low RPM

    Hi there, I have my Silvia s15 upgrade and I have few issue with the engine at lower RPM (below 2000RPM). My car have EFR turbo kit from full race. The turbo is EFR 7163 with twin scroll manifold and direct line intercooler. I use Plazmaman plenum with 75 mm throttle body. The intake is...
  2. FreakensNL

    Need some help with my GT28RS 0.86.. slow to come on boost

    Could you have a boost leak in the cylinder head?
  3. R

    High RPM because of wrong gear

    Hey guys, I was driving on the highway yesterday at about 120 kph in the 3rd gear. I wanted to change to 4th but hit the 2nd one and the rpm climbed to 8100 (according to the avcr) The engine has full power and runs smoothly, is there anything i have to worry about ? Thanks
  4. R

    Cant Change into 5th or 6th at High RPM

    Noticed this today, I thought I'd give it some as I rarely get the opportunity to. So I was giving it the heavy and when in the high RPM's between 5/7k I would try and change from 4th to 5th....Nope, The shifter acted like the gear wasn't even there, wouldn't go up. So I had an idea! 6th I...
  5. sam.wales.7543

    Hesitation/fuel cut at 3/4K rpm, help!!!!

    Hi guys Got bored at the weekend and decided to move my Z32 MAF/AFM to the inter cooler cold pipe just before the throttle body on my spec r Wondered if anyone else is running than kind of setup or knows anything about it as I'm now having some issues, Mostly it feels like I'm hitting fuel...
  6. FreakensNL

    Stock high rev boost creep? 0,6->1,0bar

    With open waste-gate still 14 psi Update: with waste-gate tied open I still get 7psi @ 4k rpm, than goes to 14psi till redline... https://youtu.be/HyHDuydxjlM Problem is i am running stock tune, so @ 14psi i'm seeing AFR's of 14.5 (between 3.5-4,5k rpm) AFR at high rev's is good, 11 a 12...
  7. jake

    S15 air con

    So sound like my air con pump is make a loud noise Recently had the engine out of the car and was not making the noise before but since going back in it louder Think it could be the belt is to tight or to loss or the tensioner As the more I rev the louder it gets till about 3000 rpm then...
  8. Packham

    New Owner, Gearbox/Clutch Making All Kinds of Noises. Videos Included PLEASE HELP!

    In the past week my gearbox has developed 3 different sounds! The first one is when I put the clutch down while in gear. http://vid1201.photobucket.com/albums/bb349/packham92/20140917_135701_zpspj8a6yh8.mp4 The Second one is a lot more quieter and happens when lifting the pedal up...
  9. I

    Rattle noise and high RPM hesitation

    Hi everyone, I'm experiencing some annoying issues with my S15's SR20DET. I went to Germany a couple of days ago, and I made a top-speed pull on the autobahn (with an HKS SLD fitted) The car was running fine, but when I reached about 6300 rpm in 6th, I felt like a power drop, so I slowed...
  10. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    weird boost? laggy

    So my cars on 10 pound max but it only gets there at max rpm like 6500rpm, i thought full boost should be on at like 3500 and also my car is very slow and unresponsive at down low rpm but only gets going at high rpm. is this normal or is there something not right?
  11. Tony

    Can't rev more than 2000rpm.... =(

    Hi! I have a Spec-R 99.. was out and drove couple days ago, and suddenly the car almost stops and the rpm meter went down under 2000, and when i come near 2000 rpm almost nothing happens.. =) could It be somthing wrong on airflow meter..? (the afm is the original) what else can It be..??
  12. H

    High idle problem

    Over the weekend I installed an alarm on my S15. After the install I started it up and it's idling between 1500-2000rpm even when it's warm. The only thing I tapped into with the alarm was the RPM wire from the ecu for the remote start. I tried disconnecting the RPM wire and there was no...
  13. D

    engine running issue

    Hi guys! Hope i can get some help here, lateley i have been expriencing engine struggles/roughness after 3000 rpm. It is a 1999 jdm spec R, it boosts fine (1 bar) but is undrivable after the 3000 pm rev range. It feels like its not sparking or something but just a huge loss in power and real...
  14. S


    hey guys my car just missfiring who can help me wont go any higher rpm than 4000 wat the go guys thanks
  15. D

    Engine rattle at 3k rpm

    Previously my engine had a small rattle at about 3k rpm (or could have been 4k, it's been so long since i have driven it!). The rattle only lasted about 100 rpm. I heard a ping and no more rattle, but one of the cylinders now has a knock! The turbo no longer charges up like it used to and...
  16. sniffy

    Nismo Coppermix clutch

    Hi All, i have fitted a nismo coppermix single plate clutch and im getting so serious vibrations at low revs between 2-3k rpm. my question is is this normal for this clutch or do i have a problem ?
  17. B

    rough idle and BOV issue

    hey guys and girls, i have a problem with my s15, if anyone could help it would be much appreciated. Anyways, my problem is that the idle is a bit rough. Not ridiculously rough and its not that noticible i only notice it because i drive her all the time, its almost like it feel like shes missing...
  18. S

    Clutches Need Help

    Hi guys, been using ORC409D clutch..Feeling is good but it have been having some problems (rattle when deccelerating bet 2-2.5k rpm, sometime the car surge forward when moving off, when reversing there is a jerky feeling) with it.. decided to switch clutch, i need some opinion and help from u...
  19. Nicely

    FS: Innovate LM1 kit with RPM converter and exhaust clamp

    I have a virtually brand new LM1 kit with the necessary RPM converter (LMA2) and exhaust clamp (bruised but in full working order) to attach the wideband lambda. The kit has only been out of its boxes once. Firmware and software updates are available from the Innovate Motorsport website. Here's...
  20. sniffy

    strange noise

    i noticed a strange noise comming from the engine when i give it full throttle and the revs are between 2 to 3500 rpm it kind of a sqeakie type of noise seems to go away after 3500 rpm it hard to really describe it it always happen when your a low revs and then give if full throttle.