1. C

    S15 manual conversion

    I’m planning on doing a manual conversion on my 2000 auto s15 spec s. I have found a company selling both a s13 manual kit and a s14 manual kit . There isn’t a s15 kit I can find. Which manual kit should I buy for my s15? I know there is probably thousands post about this but I can seem to find...
  2. willy s15

    FS: nissan s13 ecu loon

    hey to all i have loom from sr20det s13 you can use it both red or black version as it along no ecu is just the loom i have as spare is complete nothing is broken asking priece is 150euro plus fee and ship to anywhere some pics below https://static.car.gr/14704761_8_b.jpg...
  3. 1

    Can't make up my mind dammit

    Hey peeps, so currently I am deciding whether I want to keep my 15 or switch to an PS13. I know I know... this is an S15 owners' club but surely some of you have owned an S13 in the past, and where I am from (Australia), to come across an S13 is much rarer than an S15 which is your usual jap...
  4. J

    FS: S13 s14 180sx hubs

    I have a set of s13 s14 hubs for sale if anyone's interested?
  5. S15_BEY

    S15_BEY's pearl white, redtop SR20DET S15 (on air) build thread/photo dump.

    So after two years of ownership I'm finally getting around to starting a build thread! I'll start back in May 2015.. After a few years of my S13 constantly breaking down, I finally came to terms with the fact that I was fighting a losing battle against rust.. I decided it was time to break...
  6. S

    WTB: Standard s15 conrods

    Posting for a mate who wants some s15 rods for his s13? Thanks
  7. V

    S15 spec S Standalone ECU's

    Hey Everyone, I just wondering is there any plug and play Standalone's for a Spec S sr20de? I know of a s13 N/A Power Fc , but ive never seen anything for the 15? Do apexi make them for the 15? or will a s13 n/a power fc plug in no problem? Any other options on the market? Sorry for all the...
  8. waggoner

    Possible to use s13 sr20 in a s15

    I have a s15 and the motor has never run properly. From running super rich to stalling out. I can't seem to figure out whats wrong. I've recently found a s13 sr20det for sale and wondering if it would be just a drop in no problem swap. Any help would be awesome thanks.
  9. tooley

    Help Needed - S15 SR20 DE into my GF S13 - S15 DE ECU Pinout needed

    Hi guys, Ive put an S15 SR20DE Manual into my other halfs s13 since she has been through 3 CA's I have finished the whole lot and she has been driving it the last week with no issues other than I could not get the tacho or coolant temperature gauge to work. I have found out that I need to...
  10. Badger0068

    S15 Spec S Redtop SR20DET conversion, easy?

    Hey guys, Recently bought my self an S15 Spec S and the plan is to drop the Redtop SR20DET out of my s13 into it. Before I start, is there anything I need to know? Anyone had any experience with redtops into non turbo s15s? I'm assuming the whole conversion will drop straight into it from my...
  11. FreakensNL

    Exhaust info needed. confused by all the rumors

    What type of exhaust do i have/need? So i wanted to upgrade my exhaust, googled and search the forums a lot but still no joy... my back exhaust is original S15 material (99% sure) My cat is same length as my old s13 decat?? My downpipe and elbow are...... (i think s14) The cat supposed to be...
  12. J

    S13 Radiator in an S15?

    Hello Everyone. I was wondering if anyone has used a radiator made to fit an S13 with a SR20 in an S15 with a SR20? I'm in the United States and there are no parts available for an S15. I've can get a pretty good deal on a S13 Aluminum Radiator. Just wondering if it would fit or come close and...
  13. I

    Rods and Ends + FAST download

    1999 Spec R manual The alignment place advised me to change one rod and one ARB drop link due to play. I want to change both rods and both ends. I'm trying to figure out what rod and ends I need. I have came across loads of conflicting info so far. I believe: Rods: The rack end threads are...
  14. tooley

    FS: Garage Clear Out, PSM Knuckles / steering arms / Lower arms and more

    Hey Guys, Got a bunch of parts to sell. First up Part Shop Max Super Steering Angle Knuckles £150 + postage These give you decent lock. Im selling due to buying Geo Knuckles. Had them on the car at Final boss and a few other events. Really surprised I still have these...
  15. shark79

    FS: Arc s13 air induction box

    Selling of my ARC S13 air box which i am not using anymore GBP190 postage and paypal fees by buyer will post up pics later kindly pm thank you
  16. K

    FS: Recaro, Brembo, Weds Kranze

    Just want to see how much I can get out for these treasures. :naw: They are very clean. The cloth on the headrest needs some adjustment. The cloth in the back of the passenger seat plastic piece on the headrest is starting to come off, just need to stretch it back and put it back together and...
  17. K

    FS: Cheapness is what i seek

    Hello, My name is Silver, I'm from Estonia and I'm 17 years old. It's time for me to buy my first car. My dream would be a Skyline R34 but thats really a long shot. So, i have looked up alot of webpages and sites but all i see is pimped up gorgeous cars(just for the record, I love Japanese...
  18. Nissan_S15

    SR20DET Red Top from S13 fit a S15 Spec S?

    Hi Guys, As said in the title, I was just wondering whether a SR20DET Red Top engine from an S13 would be sutiable as a replacment to my S15 spec S SR20DE? Ive found one on a Japanese specialist website called "JDMgarageuk" based in the UK and its priced at £541.00, although it states it...
  19. L

    HELP! S15 Spec S with s13 sr20det redtop inside...I need speedo working!

    Ok, long story short...I have a s15 spec S with a s13 sr20det redtop which was swapped by the previous owner. Car runs good, just that I don't have a working speedometer. I've done TONS of research and I know that the speed signal goes: Speed Sensor in Diff -> ABS cpu (which converts into...
  20. CMR

    FS: S13, S14, S15 Silenced Decat

    Decat Silencer / Silenced Decat for S13, S14 and S15. 315mm Bought new from Japspeed two weeks ago, no longer needed. Brand new still sealed in the box. Dramatically lower your exhaust noise without sacrificing performance. £79 from Japspeed, more on eBay £65 Posted