1. C

    S15 and S14 Caliper Swap

    Hi All, I cannot seem to find a definitive answer on this, but are the calipers the same on the S15 and S14's. In other words could they be changed between the two cars without issue. Thanks in advance,
  2. S

    Q about wheel fitment on cwest gt kit

    Hi guys. Will the above swallow 12 j wheels? I'm used to s14s and they can take rather big wheels but just don't know if the s15 will take 12j
  3. S

    WTB: S14 and S15 Wiring

    So I spoke with a guy that did an SR20DET swap from an S14 into an S15 (similar setup to my car), and he told me how he got the speedometer working. He had to take the engine loom out of the S15s wiring and solder in the S14s. The S15s loom consists of engine, ABS, and Auxillary, whereas the...
  4. miniorochi

    Gasket Kit

    Hi All Justy wondering if anyone knows where I can get a full engine gasket kit for 15 SR20DET. I'm assuming gasket Kits for s14s SR 20DETs will also fit? Thanks for the help
  5. B

    newbie from Ireland

    Hi all, just after selling my Accord euro R and im in the market for an S15. Guess im in the right place! I have had four S14's previously so now its time to move into S15 territory! Ill post up some pics of my old S14's as well. Cheers, Barry
  6. M

    Speedo probleeeeeeeeem!! Heelp

    oks, well i've searched and read raduga's thread about his speedo problem, but i dont know if that helped. So i am making a new thread. the problem with my s15 is that my speedo is 'sticky'. when slowing down from 80km/h it would get stuck at around about 40km, same with speeding up, and i...
  7. P

    Irish newbie!!

    Hi, new here name is Patjoe from mayo, Ireland. Recently bought an S15, but have owned S13's and S14's. Heres a pic of my car
  8. Nicely

    SXOC - UK 200SX Owners Club

    http://www.sxoc.com One of the best UK car forums: http://www.sxoc.com/vbb/index.php? The forum contains a vast knowledge of of 200SXs, in particular S14s and the SR20DET. Not particularly S15 orientated though. Not surprising when there are only about 75 in the UK...