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WTB: S14 and S15 Wiring

15 October 2012
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United Kingdom
So I spoke with a guy that did an SR20DET swap from an S14 into an S15 (similar setup to my car), and he told me how he got the speedometer working. He had to take the engine loom out of the S15s wiring and solder in the S14s. The S15s loom consists of engine, ABS, and Auxillary, whereas the S14s loom consists of just the engine. Supposedly it's not a very difficult job, just very time consuming. I need to find the wiring diagrams and the ecu pinouts, which I have seen before, so I should be able to find them again.

What I am looking for is both the S15 and S14s loom. I want them both so I don't need to take the in my car out. It'll allow me to take my time and still have my car running. I'm low on funds, so I won't be looking to purchase just yet. But I do want to see if anyone has any available, and how much you are asking for them.