1. adzsy

    FS: Stereo Surround

    Couple of dents where I think someone has got a stereo out with a screw driver. Otherwise great condition. £20
  2. A

    super tight screw I cant undo.

    I want to get that metal panel off behind the glove box to change the polen filter but theres 1 screw that is really tight, the screwdriver doesn't get enough grip even if I push hard & its starting to mangle the crosshead. Any tips on how to get it undone?
  3. S15_SAM

    Cold idle adjustment / removal. Is it ok to take this bit off.

    I'm looking for advice on the above. I'm sick of my cold idle being 2000rpm and would quite like it to be at normal idle from cold. In my eyes it would be better for the engine on start up, as less wear on the oil starved bearings straight from starting. So I've been looking today at the...
  4. XTension

    S15 air intake pipe with blocked take off?? why?

    Hi, I´ve noticed something strange in the intake pipe that goes to the Turbo. There´s a small take off blocked by a screw. I´ve taken this pick yesterday. (little blue pipe with screw in pic) Help me out. What is this for? i guess i should know it, but i can´t really recall from my previous...
  5. C

    OEM Recirc valve fix

    This guide was made by 'Adams' on SXOC... The job is really simple - all the tools needed are a 8mm and 10mm socket spanner, a screwdriver plus some instant gasket. 1) The factory DV is located behind the battery, just under the fuse box: 2) First you need to remove the battery...
  6. W

    Rattle On Right Side Of Steering Wheel?

    Guys I've noticed theres a really annoying rattle like a piece of wire is rattling against the plastic as when I put my hand there it's gone. I noticed that on the right side of the steering wheel right behind it theres like a little opening enough to get a flat headed screw driver inside to...
  7. raytsang

    passenger side mirror

    Hi guys need the passenger side mirror part number. Is it possible to replace the plastic part the get screwed to the door. as the mirror had been ripped of from the screw fittings. if so i need a part number for that part then.
  8. D

    oil cooler and filter relocator...

    just wondering, from people that've installed one. The plate that attaches to the block, did you connect the hoses to it first, then screw that onto the block? cause i can't see it as being possible to screw the hoese on to the plate once it's on the car, just can't possibly get a spanner in...