1. B

    Hello from Belgium!

    Hi guys :wave: i'm an owner of an White 2001 spec r since four years in Belgium. I'm here to learn everything that i dont know yet about my so much loved s15 and maybe fond some parts that i search for! :)
  2. Larsz

    Front and rear wheel bearings

    Hi, I am taking apart my suspension for replacing and refurbishing alot of the parts. New front nismo LCA's instead of the adjustable ones, change all the bushes and bolts etc. I am in the process of removing the wheel bearings so no question there. But I want to order new bearings and hubs...
  3. K

    WTB: Search an s15 6 speed

    Hello, all I search a s15 spec R with 6 speed gear box. And as possible, if you got catalytic converter and air stock intake. PM me if you have this ;)
  4. Sparky

    Urgently need super unleaded in Ireland

    Staying near Galway and moving on to Cork tomorrow and will need to refuel very soon. Are there any local owners that can help with stockists in the area or will I have to go in search of Octane booster, as there only seem to be regular unleaded stockists ! cheers, Mark.
  5. K

    French man :)

    Hello, my name is Marc, I'm 25 years old and I'm french :) I'm here because I search a s15 ! I was going to by a yellow one to "paulbrowncars" but I found bad news on it on internet. So I decide to leave this idea and search one here :) I hope to find one !
  6. Rider4Life

    WTB: Window Seals S15

    Search window seals for my S15
  7. V

    mounting defi meters in a/c vent

    Is there any how to here ? i search gauge setup or meter setup with no results. thanks all
  8. G

    hello people

    hi guys, currently a owner of a civic fn2, had it for about 6 months and very bored!! have always loved the 14s and 15s and now my insurance is coming down im on the search for one!! anyone have any advice on wheres the best place to find one, what to look out for and what i should expect to...
  9. K

    Hello Everyone

    Hey guys, I just bought an S15. Its an ADM 2002 Spec S GT in Silver. I thought i should join this forum as i've been using it a lot already. I'll make sure i search hard before i ask questions that have already been answered, as i see this is a bit of an issue. No photo of car cos its totally...
  10. B

    Hi all, Newbie looking for a new project

    Hi everyone Just joined up, ive had a string of Jap cars, Supra, Type R, 350z and Skyline. After doing a few shows last year and watching the drift car championships i really fancy an S15 for a project/weekend car. Im going to have a search around the forum but I know very little about...
  11. crazymat666

    insuarance company numbers HELP

    i was on here last night and come across a thread with a fair few insurance company numbers but now for the life of me i cant find it again haha. if anyone can point me in the right direction i will be most greatfull thanks. also i have used the search tab and no luck :( thank you
  12. sands

    clicking from rear wheel? help

    have had a search for this before anyone asks but couldn't find answer. have a clicking from drivers side rear wheel on my s15, clicks once or twice as i set off and when change up and come on power or change down a gear, so only dose it as load comes on it or when i lift off? had wheel off...
  13. seilow

    WTB: caliper spacer

    hi i search caliper spacer ( front )
  14. E

    Where can I get seriously Deep dish wheels?

    I'm finding it very hard to find a selection of dished wheels with decent offset for an s15. All I have found on my search was 10x19 with et30 which doesnt seem enough! :( Does anyone know where I can find a selection?
  15. seilow

    WTB: s15 na exhaust ???

    hi there i search a exhaust for s15 na ^^ thanks regards
  16. L

    Manifold/ABS heat shield

    I've recently fitted a stainless mainfold and im worried about the heat around the ABS unit. Is there any heat shields on the market that I can buy off the shelf, or is it somthing im gonna have to make? I've had a search around but cant seem to find anything. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  17. M

    Anyone know who owns a white S15 in Colchester and crashed this week?

    Heard a rumour today that an S15 crashed thro a central reservation and flipped onto its roof the other day. Did a search and found this..... Read the comments. I just posted my thoughts at the bottom....
  18. seilow


    hiii everybody i search the VIN number but i dont know where is it so if someone know that tell me that pleasee thankss
  19. A

    T28BB maximum boost?

    I would like to know what max boost is considered to be ok with the T28BB? (Answer in BAR would be appreciated) I tried tp search for it but could not find anything.
  20. B

    WTB: s: S15 6 Gear Box 6MT

    Hy together! I`m looking for e ned gear box for my s14 and I think that a 6 gearbox for s15 is beter then the original gear box. Im from Switzerland and now i search for this one. Do you have an idea where i get this? and what`s about the Price? greez