1. JDM_virgin

    C's shifter install guide

    Has any nice person who has one be kind enough to scan it and email it to me or post up on here as I've searched the whole web and had no luck :(
  2. I

    Where is the engine number?

    I'm filling out the registration form for my S15 Spec R and out of all the question the only one I got stuck on is the engine number :wack: I have had a look around the engine, at all the export documents, vin plate, door sill, around windscreen, Google, searched S15OC. I have even looked around...
  3. R

    installing boost gauge problems?

    Having trouble installing a manual boost gauge into my ADM S15, can't quite work out the right hose to put the t-piece into. I have searched heaps, but all the pics I see don't quite match up with my car so its hard to work out. Can you use the hose going into the top of the stock BOV, if so...
  4. C

    Help needed for a 1999 Silvia SR20DE, S15, S Spec non turbo

    Looking for some info on the following. Its a 1999 Silvia SR20DE, S15, S Spec The motor is a Non Turbo version, has an older type distributor that contains the coil, power transistor and crank sensor all built in, does not have any coil packs in the rocker cover 1). There is an engine code...
  5. J

    How much brake fluid for a system flush??

    Im just about to order all my service fluids from Opie and decided to flush my brake fluid this time round, could someone pls advise me on how much i would need to flush the system on an S15. I've searched for the past hour and cant find how much i need to order.
  6. S

    ABS Light

    Hey guys, Back again, just a quickie - I had all new tyres put on my car yesterday and then the ABS light came on....any ideas? I have searched but can't seem to see anything! Thanks again Samx
  7. T

    Help! What's the difference between s14 and s15 Clutches

    Can anyone tell be why the s14 clutch won't work on the s15 gearbox ? I've searched but found no definite answer. Any help would be great, thanks.
  8. craig_m

    gel stickers/graphics

    when i was at japfest and other car shows, i saw alot of gel stickers/graphics on cars and was wondering where i could get some custom ones made, i have searched for them but cant seem to find anyone that does them. thanks
  9. W

    RLTC Installation

    Hi guys just wondered if the procedure was exactly the same as fitting the RLTC to an S14a? My version is the one with the digi adjuster with built in launch control if that helps. Searched through the threads on this forum but no luck so thought I'd post up.
  10. M

    Quick one - Diff fluid service. What oil?

    Ive searched and searched and cant find it!!! :wack: Anyone post it up by 10am please? Thanks :D
  11. A

    S15 at SVA imports. This car looks good to me, i think i want it. But ive read a bit of bad stuff about SVA imports on here when i searched for them, are they that bad? Anyone live close to where they are? Alex