1. G

    WTB: Exhaust mid section and oem diff

    Hi im trying to source an exhaust mid section between the cat and back box ideally a mid box delete. Ive got a kakimito regu and the mid box is shot. Thanks Also im after the spec r oem diff mine came with a nismo 2 way and for daily driving is driving me mad haha. Im based in norfolk so...
  2. Saxon

    FS: Custom Stainless Steel 3" Catback Exhaust

    Hi all, For sale I have this 3" stainless steel catback exhaust. Not originally an S15 exhaust, it was modified to fit as shown by the cut and re-welded section on the rearmost section of the exhaust and the extra bits of hanger welded on. My best guess is it was probably an S14 exhaust...
  3. ryan3

    Trax 2016

    Here's a few pics I took at TRAX yesterday... First of all the S15's (there were quite a few others that I spotted but my phone had died by that point): And here's one of mine being washed the day before TRAX as I completely forgot to take any pics of it yesterday! Also a...
  4. Dittys fc

    S15 fresh on the scene

    Hey dudes bought an s15 6 months ago Thought I'd do a write up on it on this forum! Once I get approved I'll put it up in the ride section cheers! fromAustralia
  5. N

    FS: S15 OEM headlights

    Wups wrong section.. please delete
  6. John-

    FS: Free stuff

    Awaiting the arrival of my RX7, I need to free up some garage space. Standard exhaust system - Downpipe, cat back, good condition. Silenced decat - GONE! BM44 Middle front undertray section Sorry its nothing more interesting! Parts are in Royston, collection only
  7. M4TT

    Aero spoiler centre section removal

    Hi guys, I've seen a fair few pics with the centre section of the aero spoiler removed, tried looking on how its done but no luck! Can anyone point me in the direction? I seem to remember reading somewhere that someone on here does the mod as well? Thanks Matt
  8. JDM_virgin

    cheap spec r despite mileage??

    Stumbled across this, dont know if its in the for sale section but seems cheap enough and has a good spec
  9. M

    what is this thing ?

    sorry if i'm posting in the wrong section. but i just got a S15 and it has this thing that i have no idea what it is or what it does. do some one know what it is ? and let me know ? :) (sorry for bad quality pic)
  10. JackPilk

    New Member From Exeter - Currently Looking for an S15.

    Hi All, I'm Jack from Exeter, Devon Sorry to disappoint but I don't have an S15... yet. I have my heart set on an S15 Type R Aero (preferably in White) I've been lurking in the shadows for some time now on this forum and it's great! I have posted in the "Wanted" section to see if any 15...
  11. TrevorSpencer

    New here

    Hey guys, just bought my s15 spec r aero and was searching to have some questions answered because of the local CVSE guys hassling me about my headlights posted a thread in the general discussion section it's awaiting approval by admin's. Thought I'd say hi in the meantime.
  12. B

    Power lean issues!

    Hi All! New owner of a s15 spec R, been driving her since 4 days now and noticed that above 5500rpm the power seems to be lean as I don't feel any boost gain above these rpm range. No check engine light on etc. But its equipped with a Greddy profec B spec boost controller but it seems really...
  13. S15_SAM

    Japfest 2014 castle combe S15oc stand

    Just incase you don't venture out of this section much, Joe has just put up an Japfest 2014 organisation thread in the events section, for the S15 owners club stand. if your planning on going this May then sign...
  14. JaseYpk

    FS: I dont have any other parts for sale so stop messaging me

    Th only parts for sale from me are listed here, or in the ebay section, i dont have my car anymore, so cant get any parts. So no more messages asking please! thanks! :)
  15. B

    FS: Wanted: Smaller part of S15 OEM Skirt

    Right lads I had OEM skirts on my S15 for a few months and mangaed to lose the smaller section of the driver's side somewhere. It's a long shot I know but does anybody have this piece lying around? If not is there anywhere that does copies so I could get that small piece made up. I'd hate to see...
  16. Jay-pan

    WTB: XXR 527 alloy swap or sale

    Look in for sale selling.
  17. Jordan

    Well hello there!

    Hi all! Thought I'd introduce myself on here and say hi - had a few issues signing up again thanks to gmail. I was previously registered on here a few years ago but guess my account got deleted in a server migration or something or due to little use. Anyway I'm back, in the market for my first...
  18. A

    Transferable Parts - S14a to S15

    Hi, I`ve done a few searchs and found a few things. Thinking maybe we could compile a definitive list (sticky?) Reason I ask is I`m tempted to break my 14a depending how much stuff I can swap over. May also be useful for raiding the forums `For Sale` section and other used part vendors. If...
  19. JaseYpk

    FS: OEM Air Box, Spoilerless Boot, Headlight parts

    More of a clean out.. OME Boot - SOLD OEM Air Box: Needs a clean, but aside from that is in top condition. comes with Nissan air filter inside (used) 3 of the brackets are in mint condition, the 4th is rusty, but still operates fine. £15 I have a spare drivers side headlight - an L-Package...
  20. S

    WTB: a special S15 ideally rb26 powered ?

    hi all im on the hunt for a nice spec s15 maybe with a rb26 lump in it ? or a really strong standard engine. will go have a drool in the for sale section but thought id also stick the wanted ad up incase anyones putting one up for grabs.