1. Z

    Soon to be S15 owner!

    Hello everyone, im new to this site but have checked it out before... And what a great forum! At the moment im looking to buy a S15 Spec S, but i cant see non for sale. If anyones selling up or knows where i could get hold of one, PM me please.
  2. Z

    WTB: Looking for a S15 Spec S

    Hello guys, im Looking for a S15 Spec S... So if anyone is selling one please PM me. thanks!
  3. C

    Searching for a s15. Anyone thinking of selling up?

    Hi all, Figured I would register on here seing as tho I'm fairly posative my next car will be a s15 :) Wondering if anyone was thinking of selling up or knows of a good spec 15 for sale? Thansk a lot.
  4. B

    WTB: kakimoto cat back

    Looking for the above exhaust if anyone is selling
  5. N80Jamie

    WTB: S15 Spec R

    Massively regret selling my last S15 so on the hunt for another! If anyone is thinking of selling up, get in touch :) Jamie.
  6. B

    Brake upgrade.

    Hi, been wondering, has anybody fitted, or tried fitting Subaru impreza 4pot caliper to an s15? They 'look' very similar.... One of my pistons have seized, but a local chaps selling Subaru ones.... Any help would be greatful... I have asked if I could try them, but he didn't seem too keen...
  7. B

    WTB: 18" alloy wheels.

    Hi, anyone selling a set of 18 alloys? Damaged 2 of mine down some pot hole :(... So thought maybe someone here's selling? I'll be straight, I want some thing 'fancy-pantsy'. Can't afford new set right now... many thanks!
  8. Jay-pan

    WTB: XXR 527 alloy swap or sale

    Look in for sale selling.
  9. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    Selling up and moving on

    Hey guys so I've had my absolutely wonderful but +T S15 up for sale for a while now I've got a buyer now for 17g.. pretty dam impressive considering its a +t and I bought it for 14g. So hopefully the sale goes through then I'm onto the...
  10. John-

    WTB: S15 Spec R

    Looking for a low mileage spec R, I have browsed the for sale section and have unfortunately been beaten to a couple that I was considering. Just wondered if anyone else was thinking about selling? Ideally I'm looking for a white one! Many thanks, John
  11. B

    Hi Everyone

    Hi people my name is Ben, i am a mad JDM enthusiast and my past cars include a Civic Type R EK9, and EP82 Starlet GT. Ever since i went turbo i have been hooked on them. Last week i got the joy of going in my mates brothers S15 spec R and i fell in love with them. I am looking to buy one AS...
  12. S

    WTB: oem s15 side skirts....

    hi guys searching for oem kouki s15 sideskirt for a long time but no one selling ,, if any one selling it in uk please send pm .,,, i'll give my contact number,
  13. Darren_S15

    Thinking of selling up...

    I've had my S15 for over 4 years now and I still love it! But it makes me sad to see it sitting in the garage and I just don't get the use out of anymore, done less than 1,000 miles last year. With the addition of a motorbike earlier this year as well, whenever we get a nice sunny day the car...
  14. R

    FS: Please.. Looking for s15 in u.s.

    I am looking for a Silvia s15, preferably Spec-R in the United States of America. If you are selling or planning to sell or know one selling somewhere PLEASE PLEASE let me know. I'm about to blow my brains out this car is so hard to find! Also if someone has some credible info on importing one...
  15. J

    WTB: 555cc injectors

    hi, anyone selling some for the s15? need to be in fully working order :)
  16. V

    WTB: WTB: a pair of brand new headlights

    Hi all , would like to know where i can get some of these or if anyone selling a used pair in great condition thx
  17. T

    Hello :)

    Hello, just going to introduce myself, i've been looking at the S15 for a while now and just want to gain more information about these machine :) I currently own a Toyota supra twin turbo. I always like these but my brother is the one buying. His selling his DC5 for a RWD fun:nod: We are...
  18. Adam L

    WTB: Silvia S15 6-Speed gearbox

    Mine has just shat itself, anyone selling one? Please PM me with price and location
  19. J

    WTB: S15 front bumper.

    Hi, basically I've broke my front bumper and I ordered a "new" one off eBay but it doesn't fit right which has f'd me off. Anyone selling one? If so post some pics of what it looks like please :-) I would prefer to pick up if possible :-) thanks
  20. spoonman

    FS: S15 Parts & a few S14 bits

    The link below will bring up all of the parts im selling, if you click the link for "Trade Me Motors" under my listings it will filter out all of the clothing my wife is selling. If anyone wants anything let me know and ill remove the auction and sell it privately...