1. S

    FS: FMIC: JDM Genuine Blitz LM intercooler for S14 and S15

    Price Cut, FMIC: JDM Genuine Blitz LM intercooler for S14 and S15 Here I have a set of Blitz LM intercooler for sale since I will be selling my S15 soon, purchase one year ago and done for less than 8000km, as you can see in the photos it was in very good conditions and I would say it was 90%...
  2. crazymat666

    WTB: Spec r wind deflectors wanted

    Hi as the tittle says I'm currently looking for some wind deflectors as they are next on my list to get :).or failing anyone selling them to point me in the right direction of where to get some? Thanks
  3. B

    FS: S15 Spec s bits for sale, Engine/box etc

    Im selling the unwanted bits form my s15 as ive just recently converted it to an sr20det, selling the s20de engine which has only covered 49,000 miles, also the Auto gearbox. Engine has got no ancilleries with it or wiring loom but does come with ecu, gearbox has no wiring with it either...
  4. AllanOrr

    WTB: Apexi Power FC - D.Jetro

    Hey guys looking for a Apexi FC D-Jetro for either : S15 S14a Black Top Must inc all sersors and be in working order PM me with prices if anyone is selling or considering parting with one. Cheers, Allan
  5. M


    Hi Im Mark from Loughborough Currently drive an S14a but looking to buy an S15 so having a mooch around :) selling on PH
  6. naha_music

    FS: FS: Apexi Power FC package deal

    I'm in the near stages of getting my S15 up and running, but recently decided to go a different route with the engine management system (I decided to go with the AEM EMS Series 2 instead, in case your wondering..) therefore selling my Power FC and related gear as a package. Apexi Power FC w/...
  7. Y

    Mileage clock

    Do S15 owners not convert travel from km to miles as I always see people quote km done rather than miles when selling S15's, strange... might be just me :o
  8. J


    looking for a bolt in rollcage for the s15 does anyone know a web site or know any one selling 1 :thumbs:
  9. pegliobaglio


    Any of the importers on this site let me know roughly how much I would be looking for a white ek9 in mint condition with low mileage as I am gonna be selling my fn2 to get a daily runaround and really fancy one of these !any info would be much appreciated thanks
  10. J0R04N

    FS: Driver Side Front Wing And Side Skirt In Blue

    Have the above for sale which i brought from polo. I only needed the passenger side so im selling what is left over. In Good condition, No breaks rust etc After £40 for the side skirt and £30 for the wing.
  11. xlr8


    Can someone shed some light on this?This fella is selling an lsd he was told came off an s14a.He has sent me pics of the internals and housing.S15 half shafts are 6 bolt pattern arent they and anyone know (even with the bad photo) if it is a 1.5 way.He is selling real cheap and i just wanta see why?
  12. adz87kc

    Aero parts numbers

    Can anyone help me out with a couple of part numbers? Looking for: the 3 legged rear aero spoiler part number and part numbers for the aero spats (both sides) alternatively, point me in the direction of someone selling the bits :D
  13. T

    FS: WTS: ARC Intercooler with piping

    Selling whole set of used ARC intercooler with piping. Condition: 8/10 Specs as below: Selling at USD420 plus shipping Payment prefered: paypal
  14. W

    WTB: Anyone selling their Spec-S

    Hi guys, anyone selling their S15 Spec S atm? Cheers
  15. L

    WTB: selling original NISSAN front fog lights

    I'm selling the front fog lights from my specR They are in perfect condition, perfectly working. Please make me reasonnable offers.
  16. C

    WTB: s15 spec r wanted

    hi guys, need your help! i want to buy a s15 spec r in either white blue or black for my boyfriend as a wedding present for our wedding in november! anyone looking at selling their car, or know of where i can find one in time? really appreciate your help! C xx
  17. DeanS15

    thinking of selling up.....

    mods please delete thread
  18. W

    WTB: looking for a spec S

    Anyone selling their Spec S here?
  19. G

    FS: carbon fiber abs heat sheilds

    hey ive been making carbon fiber bits for a few years now and ive decided to start selling some, so to start off with i'll be selling some abs heat sheilds made out of 100% carbon so if any one is interested just let me know as i'll make to order, price is $150 aud per unit plus delivery just...
  20. F

    WTB: 2 way diff

    Any one selling up a 2 way diff, any prefered from s13/s14/s15 thanks