1. R

    diff question

    ok looking at buying a KAAZ 2way diff.5 bolt side shaft its out off a s13, and i found out that it will fit in r200 diff case i own a s15 and want to know does my silvia have 5 or 6 side shaft? thanks
  2. J

    rumble from gearbox on over-run/decceleration

    Hi all, I have a couple of unusual noises from the box in my 99 spec R. It happens in 3rd, 4th, 5th, but not in 6th. At about 3-4k rpm, i get a rumble or groan from the gearbox, it is very loud. The box behaves perfect in every other way, no problem selecting gears, not jumping out of gear etc...
  3. B

    picture of S15 gearbox output shaft and housing

    Could someone please help by providing a photos of the output shaft on S15 gearbox? :) I am deciding on if it is feasible to modify the S15 gearbox to run a mechanical speedo drive. From the service manual, the output shaft looks like it has grooves to hold a worm drive with circular/pin clips...