1. N

    WTB: s15 6spd input shaft bearing

    Hello everyone, I'm in a bit of a ****uation. I live in texas, and I need an input shaft bearing. I found part number 3220389F00 and the diagram shows that I need 2 of these. Does anyone have any dimensions I can try to source the bearing in texas? does anyone stateside have one for me? Also...
  2. S

    Clutch Fork and Gearbox Input shaft Bearing?

    Hi Guys, I fitted a competition clutch kit to my s15 4 months ago and now I have some strange noises, I've narrowed it down to either be release bearing (which was replaced with the clutch), clutch fork being bent or gearbox input shaft bearing. I have already bought a genuine release bearing...
  3. Lil SpecR

    Gearstick shaft diameter...

    Anyone know what it is? Don't have my S15 yet so can't go measure my own lol, but seen a gear knob I like from Opie Oils and I see they are offering a discount for Christmas atm so want to take up that offer! But it's saying its only for shaft diameters of 15mm or less as it looks like its...
  4. Havoc

    FS: SR to RB gearbox cut and balanced prop shaft.

    Hi guys, I have a cut and balanced prop shaft to suit a S14/S15 ready for an RB gearbox conversion. Never been fitted or used since having it done, was made by NISPRO. Want what I paid: £130. " Instagram: @mrkerr @downsideapparel #downsidedrifters "
  5. jake

    WTB: S15 or s14a crank shaft and crank shaft pulley

    I need of a crank shaft and a crank shaft pulley ASAP to finish of my engine re build on my s15 as I found a crack in my pulley and the key in Sid the pulley has moved and dug out a grove in the crank shaft on the Join thanx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. justin666

    FS: Few bits... Standard Suspention, Prop Shaft, prop bearing....etc

    Shed clear out and forgot about this little lot.. Standard shocks... Were taken off the within a few weeks of importing so have only done about 38 thousand miles.. Working fine when taken off a few years ago and lived in my shed ever since! They were all bagged up and sealed but the internal...
  7. M

    WTB: Spec R steering rack or just the shaft part

    Need a good condition spec r steering rack or ever just the turret and shaft the universal joint attaches to. Must be the 2 bolt version. Cheers.
  8. S

    Play in my drive shaft?

    Ok had the chance to get under my car the other day was having a look around ond found that when I held the drive shaft I was able to twist it about 10mm or so. Is that normal to have a bit of play or am I going to have to doo somthing about it?😳
  9. B

    WTB: Spec R prop shaft

    Has anyone got a standard complete spec r prop shaft for sale? Thanks
  10. Fruitbooter

    Hub nut wont go on..damaged thread.

    Just put everything back on my car and just my luck..I get to the very last thing the hub nut and it wont go on..:annoyed: Its deffinitly the drive shaft thread as both hub nuts go on the driver side but cant get one on the passenger side shaft. The thread must have got damaged somehow, ive...
  11. paddyb01

    half shaft torque

    did a wheel bearing on the car the other day just want to see what the big nut on the end of the half shaft should be torqued to??:thumbs:
  12. Fruitbooter

    Am I too weak or am I doing something wrong?

    I cant get the bloody prop shaft bolts at the diff end out! Ive tried soo hard but nothing :( Ive managed to get 1 out so I know it is as simple as using a spanner lol but I cant get 2 of the others out and I havent even atempted the last one. The thing is im trying that hard, I even used...
  13. T

    Fitting front hubs.

    To fit the front hubs to the shaft of the hub knuckle do these require pressing on or should they just slip on initially with the nut to press them on the hole way. The reason i ask is that i have two brand new hubs to fit to the driftworks geomaster hub knuckles. Only when i mate them up...
  14. sjt47y

    crank shaft wear

    Hi Guys, wonder if anyone heard of crankshaft wear that requires machining. My ride had some noise and we suspected it as bearings wear. We had it changed but still the noise is there. Then we think its got to do with the crank shaft wear. My mileage is about 145,000 km. Any ideas or similar...
  15. lvaleiron

    Opinion on Garrett GT3076R

    Guys, I friend of mine just gave me his "blown" Garrett GT3076R. I would like to know if it's too expensive to have it rebuild, or if i'm intending to sell it, how much can it go for? The shaft has play and the compressor wings are a bit melted on the edge. I'll be uploading some pictures later on.
  16. M

    mazworx drive shaft broken!

    Hi All, My english is not 100% good so hope you guys understand everything :) Got some problems with my drive shaft from mazworx. 1 month ago i went for a z32 gearbox conversion from mazworx including a extra strong driveshaft 2.5'' picture against the stock one...
  17. N

    WTB: Wanted turbo t28r

  18. sands

    WTB: drive shaft

    as in the title im after good drive shafts let me know if have any
  19. R

    drive shaft help!!

    im having problems trying to fit my cusco 2way. first was the out put shafts i got two passenger ones but now tats sorted the problem now is my main shaft is 1" shy from meeting the diff my car is a s15 2001 spec s with ABS can some1 please hgelp out wi this???? do you know what main shaft i...
  20. V

    attn FAST users

    i need your help hehe i need the part number for the diff seal for the right side drive shaft, the shaft tha comes out of the diff casing, my seal has vanished thanks dave