1. S

    My S15 in Japanese Performance Magazine

    Just thought I'd share, my s15 has had a full feature and will be in Japanese Performance Magazine next month (out the 13th of feb) was plenty surprised to get this months issue today and find a massive picture of my car taking up almost a full A4 page advertising next months issue: Just...
  2. pegliobaglio

    Shaggy owns a 15!!!

    Ha ha just saw this had to share
  3. S15_SAM

    I'm GOING TO JAPAN!!!! 2014 baby!

    Myself and my GF have just booked tickets to Japan for our honeymoon!! May 27th next year I'll be in Japan!! I CANNOT ****ING WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! sorry but I had to share it!
  4. Auss15

    The ultimate S15 owners birthday cake

    One of the boys who is doing a VVL conversion on his MazWorks motor had his birthday today, and in keeping with his S15 passion, they got him this most appropriate cake......:D Thought I'd share it with you.
  5. O

    Anyone using Power Enterprise PE1420 turbo?

    Hi guys, Would like to find out is there anyone using PE1420 Turbo on their S15? If yes, would appreciate if you can share the performance of this unit? :D
  6. pegliobaglio

    peglio +vinnie mini meet

    met up with vinnie the other day ( before the incident with a rabbit!) and managed to get a few nice shots of the cars so thought i would share them! enjoy
  7. LuPix_S15

    It's all in the detail...

    Just thought that it would be nice to share some pics of details of mods I've done (also my favourite ones) as we mostly see and post pics which are just of the whole car :wack: But really hope everyone else can join in and take snaps of detailed stuff - get up close and personal lol so we can...
  8. K

    Japan photos (mostly D1- odaiba)

    Thought I would share some photos with you guys :p (sorry i'm no pro photographer) Here are a few from D1 at Odaiba in 2009
  9. rudd-o

    Another Oil Leak

    Today i noticed this oil leak .. seems to be from gasket.. Here are some pictures of it .. for anyone who wants to share his knowledge
  10. Yellow Peril

    Worst S15 front bumper EVER!

    Just found this and felt I had to share it with you.... shocking :eek:
  11. L

    Now my 15's gone..

    I thought I'd get me one of these. Its a Black edition GTR from Middlehurst that I picked up about three weeks ago. All I can say now its had its optimisation service is OMG!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Anyway, I have never driven anything like it before and I thought i'd share some pics with you guys...
  12. Roots82

    Japanese Tuning Show (Silverstone)

    Saw Initial D's and S15RKM cars today :thumbs: Both looked amazing! Didn't get chance to say hello but thought i would share some pictures with you guys and the rest of the site :D
  13. I

    What are s15 spec s's like service wise?

    Just wondering the sort of cost involved in maintaining one, engine wise they share the same sr20de as the s14? Anyone know good part supplier in the UK?
  14. G

    Mad looking 15

    heres a bit of a crazy looking S15 i came across. just thought id share it with ye all!
  15. slammedmind

    drift bible online

    found this online, thought id share
  16. J

    D-MAX D1 SPEC HOOD - Option mag review

    Something to share with you guys..
  17. kimi

    Gramlights Time Attack

    We had a sample new wheel in yesterday at work, i think its :smitten: Thought i'd share it with you What do you guys think ?
  18. J

    Jono's S15 Leaving Pics

    So... just a few more days of S15 ownership left for me :( :cry: All things going well, I will swap my S15 for the R33 GTST on Saturday. I thought I'd share some of the pictures I took of the car last night, with y'all.... *sigh* - I'm gonna miss this car :(
  19. G

    Whats your Fuel Consumption?

    Hi All, I am keen to see what average FC your SR20DET is getting in relation to your wheel HP? Please share. I'll start : FC : 9.9km/l (28mpg) WHP : 200hp :D
  20. M

    Nissan Silvia Museum

    Hi guys, just found this link to share.. nice screensaver too ;)