1. H

    Where to buy wheels from?

    After what has turned in to a mare regarding wheels I'm in the look out for some wheels again. I'd originally bought some SSR Koenigs but due to some problems I have had to send them back. been looking at various UK sites and they all pretty much offer the same wheels, XXR's and Rota's which...
  2. phillll

    Where to buy DC2 lip?

    Am I being daft or are these really hard to find? I've found a couple of US sites that sell them but are there any over here? Cheers folks!
  3. UncleDan

    Legit sites to purchase parts?

    Hey guys, So I'm having an on going search looking for new oem parts for my S15. I'm from the U.S so buying locally is out of the question unless I find interchangeable parts from U.S z32's, GTR32/33s, and U.S S14's which is what I have been doing to save an arm and an a leg especially in...
  4. ChrisKnottIns

    CHRIS KNOTT INSURANCE now covers Northern Ireland

    The subject line says it all really so please pick up the phone and ask us to quote if you live in the province - we now have an insurer who will offer you competitive cover. Couple this with the recent age relaxations and you should see that we're doing all we can to help as many of this...
  5. Jay-pan

    Aftermarket front bumpers

    Hello! I am after a front bumper i want something along the lines of D1 GP of the wise square S15. or this if anyone knows the make of it... Let us know some good sites to buy front bumpers from.
  6. ali619

    Where do you purchase your aftermarket parts?

    Just really a general question I suppose, where do you purchase your aftermarket parts from? Seeing as S15's are imports do you look at Japanese sites or uk sites? I know for my Honda I usually look at
  7. J


    hi all just joined and wanted to say hello. :p i have to confess im not actually a s15 owner YET!! in the process of purchasing one but im being very fussy and wanted to know can any of u recommend any sites or things i need to know bout buying one!! living in Ireland but wud really...
  8. Miss S15

    Im back again.

    Havent logged in for a long time but I'm back missed ye and I got a new addition lol Still have the passion for s15's! Sites looking savage now well done to all involved. :)
  9. LuPix_S15

    Decat Pipe - Will this do?

    Hiya, Just wanted to check whether this decat pipe looks ok for the S15? Has anyone had experience of Autobahn88...
  10. jp

    ADM S15s; shipping from OZ & good places to look

    As above, has anyone ever shipped a car from Australia to Ireland? Does anyone on the OZ side of things know of any good sites to look for cars? I thought of but that's NZ only is it? Does OZ have an equivalent or is that what is?
  11. D

    air conditioning filter

    done a bit of digging and found this part number AY680-NS012 can anyone confirm this is the correct part for the air con filter. it doesnt look like mine has ever been changed and the link in the usefull threads section isnt working for me. :( Also does anyone know where i can order one...
  12. G

    Milage check

    hey lads, if anyone wants to check the original milage of their car when it came into ireland i can check it out for them cos i have access to those records. cos ive checked a few S15s on well known irish car sales sites that have been clocked. jus want to make sure noone gets fooled cos it...
  13. P

    where to buy an air filter from?

    Hi Guys, I'm in the UK obviously, just wondering where would be the best site to order down an Apexi Power Intake from as I read this site: and I happen to have the HKS Mega Flow lol and when I see sites like that it makes me wanna get...